>Sorry for the mega random post but I had my yoga class today and I finally managed to do a full yoga bird pose and hold for about 10seconds! I’m so happy!! The photo above is obviously not me but it’s the yoga bird pose I’m talking about. You start on the Hindu Squat Pose then slowly go into the Bird Pose which is so much more easier than I thought. It’s got nothing to do with strength like you see, it’s all about balance. You set your arms and legs together at the hindu squat pose then rest your knees onto your elbows for support, lean forward, balancing well with your arms and palms wide open, look forward and then lean forward and balance. That’s all it takes. I’ve been struggling for a few months now with the pose but I finally got it steady!! I’m sooooooo happy!!! 🙂 I’m glad all my yoga class efforts was fruitful. I love Yoga! (&Pilates of course).

More on my foodie updates coming up soon ok, so watch this space. I’ve made some real goodies over the months and we’ve gone out and tried some really good food too. I’m so glad that I have this avenue to share with you my ramblings and passions! Thanks for staying with me…