>So Many Posts So Little Time So Lets Start with the Weekends


Kino Cafe finally opened at Dubai Mall, in Kinokuniya Bookstore. I immediately fell in love with it. During my time of visit, the sun was shining in, so I chose a lovely sofa corner and sat under the warm sun rays where others had shade pulled down… why not sit somewhere else then? I don’t understand.

Anyway, managed to sneak in a photo of the menu without getting caught, although after taking this pic, I found several cameras above me! Whoops… no one approached me though… *phew* There were some lovely stuff on the menu. Will take my time trying them all. The desserts look really scrumptious! Price wise, it’s ok actually, the portions are fairly generous.
Have a look around the cafe and tell me what you think… I have to say, I love the simplicity, minimalistic look. Japanese designs are my favourite!

Me and my books and a lovely lady across the table. I ordered a lovely black coffee, apparently specially syphoned through a very interesting coffee making/warming equipment but it tasted the same as normal coffee. Price was outrageous. Not ordering that again!
More views of my surrounding. It was lovely and quiet as the cafe newly opened about 1 month ago and it was a weekday so I had the cafe to myself most of the time. We went again during the weekend and it was super chokka block! I’ve been there again and will be going there again and again. It’s really lovely with a full view of the Dubai Mall Fountain! What more can you ask for?!
For dinner, we headed to Organics Food & Cafe and enjoyed dinner. One serving of carrot and apple juice and pineapple juice.
Fresh assorted organic breads;
And for our mains, we had a lovely cheese beef burger and a chicken stirfry with cashews and a side of steamed veges! YUM!
And for dessert, Morelli’s Gelato, coconut with strawberry cheesecake and passionfruit with coffee!!! Not a good combo!
When we got home, we had some cold sake – defo not for me!!! Poor hubby had to finish it, but he said he likes it?!
Fleshy Egyptian mango for breakfast accompanied with cafe lattes in our new Latte Mugs from Crate & Barrel on the balcony.
And for dinner, we decided to try Gazebo, an Indian Restaurant recommended by my husband’s Indian colleague – should be good and it WAS good!
Assorted chutneys and pappadoms for starters;
For our mains, we had Tandoori Chicken;
Chicken Tikka Masala and Vege Masala – yes, we OD’d on the masala area… my fault!
Along with some fluffly basmati and naan breads… super yummy! We couldn’t finish it all, had to order doggy bags!
Almond Croissant and Maple and Pecan Brioche from More Cafe;
And we even got into the Oktoberfest mood, celebrating German beer, sausages and pretzels at Media City Radisson Blu. We had such a blast!
The food station…
Sunflower seed pretzel – our first, tough as heck! Nearly pulled out a tooth…
1 big jug/mug German beer;
German beef stew with dumplings;
And of course some borewors with sauerkraut and red cabbage with a side of German mustard;
We finished off the night with Apple Strudel and a dollop of Haagen Dasz vanilla ice cream.. ironic or what? I think Haagen Dasz isn’t German!