>More Foods throughout the Months

>My all time favourite, blanched broccoli with carrots!Rosemary and Oregano Sweet Potato Chips;
With oven steamed lemon salmon and kangkong stirfry and some lovely lovely dill cream sauce;
Chinese 5 spice, star anise and clove pork stew with boiled eggs;
Granola parfait and maple pecan brioche for breakfast;
Egg, beans, olive, avocado salad ala my style with a side of blanched edamame!
My day off!! Enough said… pepperoni pizza
Chicken Supreme;
BBQ Chicken;
The Godfather;
Salad Nicoise – my style (onions, tuna, blanched broccoli and lots of Thai chilli sauce)
Chicken and Vege soup with Matcha Soba;
Chicken and Vege Laksa;
Chicken Chow Mein;
Char Siew Spare Ribs;
This little beauty is from Haruki Murami’s cookbook. Lovely book, I’m so glad I happen to find it on sale!!!! This little beauty is steamed tofu with poached egg, a side of sweet pickled pink ginger, soy sauce, roasted seeds and fresh coriander and spring onion. Simple and easy as that and SUPER DELICIOUS! So simple and so delicious! I think, no, I know, she’s now my favourite!
Stewed pork cubes/sausages and belly with onions and ginger;
With Mein;
With fresh tofu and salad and loads of Japanese chilli;
Chilli seaweed salad with cabbage and carrot stirfry;
Kebab galore, fish/cuttlefish/prawn balls, with roasted onions, eggplant, carrot, mushrooms and avocado;
With a side of plump juicy fleshy Egyptian Mango!!!! Our favourite of all time! There’s no going back now!