>Weekend in Abu Dhabi

>Ah… Abu Dhabi, what can I say about it? I like it’s pedestrian structure, it’s urban design, it’s architecture in which compared to Dubai’s, it’s much more strategic and better thought out. The place is people and pedestrian friendly, lots of open and green spaces, lots for people to do on foot and by car. However it is not a place I want to live in, too small and slow compared to Dubai and very much more expensive to live in.

Anyway, we decided to spend a day down in Abu Dhabi, deciding that Friday would be best because it would be quiet and less packed being a Holy Day for the locals. Our plan was to have breakfast at the Corniche at one of the beach front cafes.
With a spectacular view and comfy chairs, we chose Cafe Noa, one of the many cafe’s lining the Abu Dhabi Corniche. This is a favourite spot/area for locals and expats and gets very busy during the weekend. We arrived at around 10am, so it was abit quiet. We ordered Cafe Latte and Americano with a side of fresh pineapple juice…
And shared a Fruit Platter. Although the coffee was abit questionable, the fruit platter was nice for the price. It had green apples, sweet watermelon, pineapple, rock melon, blood oranges, kiwifruit, strawberries and grapes. Very refreshing and tickled our palette.
We sat for a bit but decided to move on due to the heat, think it might have been around the high 30s and we were getting uncomfortable so off we went to our favourite little spot, Jones the Grocer. We had a 2 for 1 voucher so we decided to take advantage of it. After all, we do like Jones the Grocer so the drive down was worth it.
The place had extended itself since the last time we visited, it had a full stock of cheese in the chiller and a takeaway area with goodies to make you salivate while you choose a winner out of all the winners! How do you choose??? I don’t know… The interior was lovely, very homely, loft-like and industrial, modern and rustic at the same time. The place was packed but we found a little corner and sat our bums down. The place doubles up as a gourmet deli as well so there were alot of gourmet foods, kitchen and houseware on sale, also a large selection of coffees and teas, oils and cookbooks. It was fairly expensive so we just browsed around and nibbled on freebies after our meal! 🙂
The menu is not very extensive but it took a while to decide as everything looks so damn good! Breakfast was due to end in 10min time so we decided to go ahead and order mains instead. I chose the Grilled Salmon with Babaganous, Feta, Tomato and Olive Salsa with a side of Salad;
And my husband chose the Jones Wagyu Burger, which seems to be popping up on every table! It came with a side of fries and home made tomato sauce which was absolutely delicious!
The burger itself had a wagyu beef pattie, relish, tomato sauce, cheese and salad in a small bun but enough to fill a tummy for the meantime. The wagyu pattie wasn’t all that as it was more of a mince pattie and the accompaniment overpowered the wagyu beef pattie. But overall, it was a really good and tasty burger which satisfied my husband. The presentation of the meals were adorable as you can see, they came on a wooden serving board each which was cute!
We browsed around the shelves, hoping to pick something up but ended up empty handed. However, on the way out I spotted these little lovelies – Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans and Roasted Wasabi Green Peas! Bloody heck, they were so so so UTTERLY delicious. I was crying through and through while enjoying the wasabi green peas, they were so good, I couldn’t stop eating them although the wasabi was going through my nose into my eyes, I was suffering but I couldn’t stop eating them! I cannot tell you how good they were!! The chocolate coffee beans were lovely, dark, bitter, crunchy and chocolatey. YUMO!
After that, we enjoyed some blueberry frozen yoghurt, mainly to calm my wasabi attack which I couldn’t help but eat more when we got back into the car! 😉 We spent the afternoon and rest of the day in Al Wadha Mall, stopping for some coffee at Costas on the way.
By the time we got back to the car to drive home, it was dark so we had to give the trip to the Souq Qaiyat Al Beri a miss, a good excuse to go down again another weekend and visit Jones the Grocer!
These are just some night shots of the way home through Saadiyat Island and YAS Island. Sorry the shots aren’t great as I was taking these from a moving vehicle.
The entire place has definitely developed in the speed of light since the last time we went down which was in April 2010. How things change so quickly! YAS Island will be holding the F1 again in November and Ferrari Land is scheduled to open at the same time so I guess they have to work quickly to get things open and ready by then!
We got home tired and exhausted but very happy and satisfied with such a great trip. Can’t wait to visit again soon!