>Breakfast at Flying Kiwi Cafe and Dinner at Tribes Mall Of Emirates


Wow, going through my photo archives, we’ve had so many goodies, found so many good eateries but on our list, we’ve got loads more to go through. We need to experience as many as we can as long as we’re here, so expect more delicious pics to come!! 🙂
This one was a few months ago, we decided to finally visit the Dubai Garden Centre which houses The Flying Kiwi Cafe. Not sure really how it’s related to the land of the kiwi but the cafe was pretty poor for all the garden cafe’s we’ve been to. The garden centre itself is nice though, loads of BBQs and lovely outdoor furniture. We love the wooden rustic ones especially.
We couldn’t do without a lovely slice of chocolate banana cake and our favourite, Peppermint Slice and 2 cups of lovely latte.

For dinner, we popped by Mall of Emirates and since we had a 30min wait for PF Chang, we decided to go across the way and try Tribes, an African restaurant, newly opened at the Fashion Avenue in the mall. They had all the drums, dancing and singing going on for the diners. We had a very friendly waiter who was quite knowledgeable of the extensive menu they have. We really couldn’t decide! I swear we took about 30min to go through it and finally ordered.
The waiting staff did a tribal dance and song for the diners.
The interior design of the restaurant.
Our drinks, I cannot remember what they were… mine was some carrot drink type thing and my husband had a lime, lemon type drink with mint and something funky.
I had the BBQ flame grilled chicken skewers Arabic style with a side salad.
My husband had a mushroom beef burger with a side of fries.

Wasn’t too bad, tad bit expensive for small portions, I wasn’t full after that I have to say… We were tempted to go back to PF Chang for dessert!