>Weekend at Ibn Battuta and Dinner at Duck King Jumeirah

>Just wanted to share this lovely bouquet with everybody. A lovely bunch of white lilies that my husband got for me last Thursday as I wasn’t feeling well that day, suffering from digestion problems and the fact that he had to work on Friday. And yes, he did work on Friday (our weekends here are Friday and Saturday) from 7.30am to 3pm. In the meantime, while he was at work, the water tank exploded, flooding the entire bathroom, the tiles cracked from the water pressure… oh the madness!! I am so glad we live in a serviced apartment! Everything was fixed and replaced within the same day.

Anyway, on Saturday, we decided to visit Ibn Battuta Mall as we haven’t been there for a while now. They’ve just finished constructing the Ibn Battuta Gate which looks nice but if you look closer, the facade looks really fake and terrible. Not sure what the theme is behind it but it’s oriental/arabic surface design looks just fake but overall, the “gate” looks nice, as an entrance into Ibn Battuta Mall.
We had a lovely lunch, I chose Zest, a fresh flavourful feast of Fab Falafel Salad (falafel, honey pumpkin and salad) and a freshly made Celer-brity Juice (celery, apple juice, carrot). This is my ultimate favourite salad/fresh bar but it can only be found in Ibn Battuta. The other salad bar is called Sumo Salad at Dubai Mall.
My husband had a Thai dish, I think it was Sweet and Sour Chicken with Prawn Fried Rice. He loves his fried rice I must say, which is why you see me making big batches of them to have with our meals. He’s happy, I’m happy! đŸ™‚
After our meal and walkies, we stopped at Costa Coffee (a must) for a sit down and some reminiscing of the old days. We love chatting about the past, present and especially our future.
One thing to mention about Ibn Battuta Mall is that it is a themed mall, so the pic above is at China Court. The mall is split into several themes, there’s Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Persian, Andalusian and Arabic I think? It is based on the travels of Ibn Battuta – an Arab traveller. So it is really nice and very detailed with sculptures, murals and historical readings, books and information displays.
On Friday night, we decided to head to Duck King, one of the places we had to visit because we had a discount voucher that expires at the end of this month. We have several actually so we’ll be doing our fair share of eating out… this is how they make you go out and spend your money! Smart people huh? But we’ve had our eye on this place for a while now because we both love duck, any form/way it’s cooked, we love duck. So off we went… Duck King is located in Jumeirah Beach Plaza on Jumeirah Beach Road, another one of our favourite places to visit because of its quaintness and unique shops/restaurants, pedestrian friendly area and the beach being the piece of resistance. Another favourite is Lime Tree Cafe just down the road. We also found Circle Cafe in the plaza which was just fantastic because it was voted the best cafe in Dubai.. so guess where we’ll be heading to next time we’re in the area?!
Sorry, so back to it, we were the only ones in the restaurant as we decided to have an early dinner. We arrived at 6pm and had the fullest attention of the waiting staff which to a point is seriously annoying but they were really good to give us time and space. The place was nice, a modern twist to the Asian themed restaurant, it was lovely with high back white chairs and elegant setting. The menu was super extensive, as I wanted to just try every single thing on the menu. Of course, visiting Duck King, you have to try their duck so we did, amongst other many dishes… we just couldn’t decide what to have… tik tok tik tok… after about 30min, we made our decision.
First up, ice lemon tea;
A lovely big plate of fried squid with ginger, garlic, coriander, spring onions;
Jade Tofu (Japanese tofu with Enoki Mushrooms). I was chuffed with this having haven’t had Japanese tofu for ages and ages!
Stirfry Beef with Broccoli (also came with carrots, Chinese mushrooms, baby corn, bamboo shoots, chestnuts);
1/2 Hong Kong Roasted Duck with Plum and Hoisin Sauce;
Claypot mixed veges (cabbage, chinese mushroom, carrots, vermicelli, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, button mushrooms, spring onions);
We also ordered Pi Par Chicken but they couldn’t do half portion so we decided to cancel the dish which we were so glad we did as the portions were big and we were trying to hard to finish everything. We were advised that 5 dishes were too much for just the 2 of us but we asked if it was ok to get doggy bags incase that happens and they happily obliged. Suffice to say, we didn’t need doggy bags, we were hungry and we were stuffed!
The food was great! The duck, the tofu, the veges, everything was lovely. Nothing was overpowering, each dish had its own lovely subtle taste but my ultimate favourite was of course the duck. It was to die for. The fat under the skin was so thin that it wasn’t worth scraping out, it all went into our mouths! The meat was lovely, the skin was roasted to perfection, it was a lovely lovely dinner. We would head there again and try out more of the menu, that is after we’ve gone through the rest of our list of restaurants/cafes we must visit!
PS: If you must know, we went to Dubai Mall after and walked for 3hrs to digest the food we just consumed!