>Hurrah Pizzas and Vege Omelets

>Again, several more coupons we had to use up by the end of the month, I decided to pack it all in last weekend! We had coupons for Hurrah Pizza which was just down the road from us, and the discounts were very good. We haven’t been there before so we didn’t know if it was worth it or not compared to Dominos or Pizza Hut. Hurrah Pizza is one of the smaller private owned pizza companies, amongst so many others that have popped up around us.

With our coupons, we bought 2 large pizzas for the price of 1, a family pizza, 2.25L of coke and garlic bread for the price of 1 pizza. This is what we got:
Garlic Bread;
Family size Supreme Pizza;
Large Tuna Pizza;
Large Chicken Pizza;
Suffice to say, they were pretty tiny, the family pizza was the size of a large pizza at Dominos/Pizza Hut and were slightly more expensive. The taste didn’t really ‘wow’ me at all, it was bland and the toppings weren’t great. The crust wasn’t thick which was good. The meal was ok, not fabulous or overly fantastic. We would try other places before heading back there again.
So back to some home cooked meals, last night, we had some rosemary kumara chips with olive oil and roasted garlic which were simply superb! They were so sweet, I had half the batch!
We had an easy dinner, which consisted of a mushroom with caramelised onion omelet for my husband (with tommy k);
And I had a broccoli and cauliflower omelet. As you can see, the omelet didn’t really form well, so I had vege and scrambled eggs! Haha…. topped with some Thai chilli sauce (which I over squeezed) and caused some perspiration and hanging out of the tongue! Well worth it thought!
I made a pork and chicken tomato and 2 bean stew for tonight, already cooked and waiting to be eaten for the next few nights, whilst I’m blogging from the balcony under the sun in 40deg heat which I must say is uncomfortable, yet comfortable for me.