>Steamed Mui Choy Pork with Tom Yum Fried Rice and Edamame Salad

>Good morning all!!! I couldn’t wait to post this blog up because for my birthday, my lovely dovely mom sent me a box of oldies but goodies. We’ve chatted alot online about foods that I miss, her cooking that I miss, you just don’t know it until you’re away from it. She’s been cooking for us since we were born and no matter how many times her dishes repeat themselves over and over again, I keep telling her that no matter what she cooks and how many times she cooks it, we will love it.

She sent me some mui choy, pickled raddish, chinese sausages – the normal ones and the liver ones (my favourite!!!), goji dark chocolate balls, manuka honey and my good old dad sent me some ba kua and ba hu!! What a lovely surprise! I was very surprised and very pleased that they all came through immigration without a hitch! I can’t tell you how happy I was when it came through and I opened it with all the lovely smell that whiffed out!! Now, the best part is that my husband didn’t have a clue what they were and was quite apprehensive about it all until he bit into the ba kua – he absolutely loves it! He wanted more so that was 4pieces gone. There’s only about 2 pieces left and he’s been having them for breakfast which he can’t stop “mmm-ing” as he bites into them. Warm and toasty, sweet, chewy and all the meaty goodness!
Well, last night I decided to make one of mom’s dishes, steamed pork mince with mui choy. I think it can be made in stewed form too as I remember but steamed was on the menu last night. We finished the last bit of the tom yum fried rice, I blanched up some lovely frozen edamame and a tomato salad on the side. I should have made a stirfry for an Asian themed dinner but time got the better of me.
The steamed mui choy pork was so simple, just put together:
600g mince pork
1 piece of mui choy
1/2 bulb of garlic, sliced
1 bunch of fresh spring onion
Mix everything together well and place onto a tin plate for steaming for 30min in a steamer. That’s it, simple as… and just enjoy!
I scooped out some “soup” before hand as it was overflowing and it was soooooo lovely! The smell and the taste took me back to being with mom at the dinner table enjoying each other’s company and eating this dish with her.
It was very surprising that only 1 piece of mui choy salted up the entire dish perfectly without being over or under salted comfortably. I had mine with the tomato salad and we munched on the edamame as a starter while waiting for the pork to cook. It was such a lovely dinner and I want to thank mom and dad for sending the goodies to me. All I can say is… (dare say) KEEP THE GOODIES COMING! 🙂 Everyday’s my birthday???