>Weekend Eats

>This post is a compilation of eating out from several weekends, and to start it all off, is Caribou Coffee house, our favourite haunt, where we enjoyed dinner for 2. We love their coffees, our normal black and latte coffees. We also love their signature coffees, Mint Condition.Chicken Pie
Steak and Cheese Panini
Last month was the month of Ramadhan, so we found a cheap Iftar to attend at Berts for aed60 each. We actually found an even cheaper one at Hotel Ibis for aed45 but Berts was closer to us so we decided to just head there and they are known to serve ‘healthier’ food. But I have to say after that it was healthy at all. We started off with dates and juice, then a hearty thick and creamy pumpkin soup. At the buffet table there were servings of dijon lamb cutlet, green curry chicken, seafood rice, basil cream pasta, vege stirfry, roast potatoes, a selection of cold salads, potato, pasta and raw greens. An assortment of desserts of mango pudding, cake, chocolate and white chocolate mousse and fresh fruits.

I was hungry, so I ate one and all to my husband’s shock and horror!
The new extension at the Mall of Emirates opened on the 1st of Sept with 40 new shops plus several new eateries. One of them was More Cafe, which we were/are so thrilled about!!!! We decided to head to the mall for a movie – we watched Inception – from 6-9pm and had a late dinner at More Cafe. Everything was so new, shiny and white in the new extension, called Fashion Dome. It’s now my favourite place to go. We did a quick scan but will do a more extensive scan later on. My husband didn’t want to do a thorough scan cos Christian Louboutin just opened his first store here in UAE at the Mall of Emirates. I’ve been eyeing his shoes for a while now… My husband’s keeping a closed hand on his wallet! 🙂
Anyway, back to new eateries, the mall opened up several new restaurants and cafes, from memory, PF Chang, More Cafe, Fauchon, Tribes, Biella, Asha? Al Alabibi? Le Pain Quotident and a few others, Pinkberry, Cafe Havana, etc. So exciting! All a must try. They included one from every continent type thing for every tastebud and background. We headed straight to More Cafe, where we ordered their infamous Beef Lasagne (bloody gorgeous) and Soup of the Day (Cauliflower Soup) with a side of rye bread. The menu is very extensive with all sorts and we can never decide what to eat! I just want to try it all.
On one of our food shopping nights, we got some Eid sweets to try… they were all sugary, rose flavoured with pistachios, dates, figs and raisins. All very nice to try. My favourite is the pistachio pastry.
We enjoyed it with a bottle of lovely Rose! Lovely end to the night…
Our dinner just last week Thursday, we decided to have dinner at PQ Dubai Mall. I’ve always wanted to try their hot meals, having only had breakfasts at PQ. It was also the last day of Ramadhan, thank goodness for that.
Our Americano came in bowls, I thought only lattes come in bowls…? Cute!
We ordered the same thing as that was what we both chose in our heads as first choice! We both had the stewed chicken in tomato, olives and mushrooms. It came in a cute little casserole hot pot, with couscous or fresh greens. It was a mission trying to tell the waiter I want to replace the couscous with salad. One minute he said no, it’s not possible and then another minute he suggested salad?!!! What the heck… my patience is definitely being tested here… And the most annoying thing was that he kept on looking at my husband rather than me.
The chicken casserole was nice but very tasty and salty. We were thirsty for the rest of the night, having to spend so much on liquids!
The weekend that just passed, we spent the 2days at Radisson BLU Deira Creek. We had vouchers to spend before Sunday so we decided to splurge on some good food. First choice was my husband’s – Minato. It was lovely. We went a la carte.
We had this lovely octopus salad as an Entree – complimentary of the house;
Fresh Edamame and Chicken Gyoza for Starters;
I ordered the Miso Cod and a side of Seaweed Salad. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It had me at first bite. The pieces of fish were creamy, thick and soft, melted in your mouth as it goes in but at the same time held it’s form. The fish was tangy, salty and sweet, the skin, crispy but softly and lightly coated in the tangy sauce. OMGness… I absolutely love it. I didn’t know something so simple could taste so smooth and delicious. I made every bite count and savoured it till the end. The side seaweed salad was absolutely fresh and delicious. Well worth the price and ambience, it was such a good choice.
My husband was itching for Ebi Tempura. It came with 5 big juicy fresh prawns and several vege tempura as well. Don’t think he had any sides but it came in a big hearty warm bowl. The presentation was immaculate. Everything Japanese is perfect! I love it. He loved it, he loved the fresh prawns, saying he could eat Ebi Tempura forever. Wonder how easy/hard it is to make Ebi Tempura?!
We finished the meal with a cup of Americano each, although this was my husband’s 3rd choice. He ordered the Banana Tempura with Ice Cream – but that wasn’t available because the bananas weren’t fresh or good, then 2nd choice was Tempura Ice Cream, which again wasn’t available and finally he said, forget it, give me an Americano. The waiter was so apologetic about it and we were appreciative of his apologies that our coffees were complimentary.
After the meal, we headed up to Up On The Tenth, being Friday and all that, to enjoy spectacular view of Deira Creek on Friday night. We were impressed. It was surprisingly quiet, but it was only 9pm and the jazz musicians weren’t on that night so that’s probably expected. We will go back there again when the musicians come to play. It’s suppose to be one of best jazz club in Dubai. We’ll let you know!
We were back again on Saturday, this time for lunch and it was my choice so I decided on Sumibiya, a Jap/Korean BBQ restaurant. We were early and it was quiet so we were the only ones in the restaurant save for 1,2 singletons who came and went.
We ordered fresh orange and pineapple juice and the glass that it came in gave me a shocker when the waitress placed it on the table. The picture below says it all!!!!!!!
First up, we ordered their kimchi (small) – it is SMALL.
And then the BBQ, 3 types of meat, Aussie beef, NZ striploin and chicken and a vege platter. The waitress told us that it is enough for 2, boy we could have it 3x over. The amounts were pretty small. However, the novelty of bbq-ing/cooking our own meal was fun but I was worried about cross contamination.
The foods were tiny and small but after all that, we were full after all. The drinks, kimchi and meal was enough for lunch I would say. We paid for a la carte where buffet dinner that night was the exact same amount for all you can eat…. DAMN. We will be back! It was fun, we had such a good weekend!
What will we do this weekend? I don’t know, but we’ve decided to put together a list of places that we’ve seen or read about that we want to visit and try and the list is SUPER long. So watch out for more delectable photos and weekend out eats!!!!! Can’t wait!