>Sweetie Goodness

>Made some lovely pancakes for breakfast one day with frozen cherries (thawed overnight). The pancakes came out super fluffy and soft – this one is from Betty Crocker, out of a box. YES, I know, it’s not like me but it has to be eaten. Surprised my husband with this one and enjoyed it immensely! The combination of cherries and maple syrup’s the bestest ever! It’s nice to be bad once in a while ain’t it?!

This pic I had to put up!! Omgness, I had to get these when I saw them. I grew up with these in Malaysia – Julie’s is the most popular brand for sweetie goodness, from love letters, wafers, biscuits etc. I found them in my gym building ironically! They were on sale for Ramadhan too, aed5 per box, bloody bargain!! I scoffed both the boxes down and I’m not ashamed to say it! So there you go! HAH!!
We found this little beauty at the Cairo International Airport and HAD to get them. Again, scoffed down within a matter of days! I love the round ones – they were coconuty and I love just plain black licorice. YUM!!!
These little golden puppies have a story behind them but I don’t want to get into it. I made these beautiful muffins just this weekend pass, from FREE bananas!! Yes, 5 free bananas… cos they were semi bruised, that’s why they were free… and turned it from zero to hero!
5 large bananas
4-5 cups of raw oats
2 cups of golden raisins (or dates), chopped
2 cups of almonds, chopped
Mix and mash them all up, place in a muffin tray and bake for 40min under 190degC heat.
Super delish and super fast. Enjoyed with a spot of butter and marmalade by candlelight darling… You can put any ingredients in if you want, it’s totally unlimited to the imagination. Try them all and let me know!!!!