>My Birthday Cupcakes Made With Love


Omgness, sorry peeps to those who follow my blog. I haven’t updated it for yonks. I do have a good excuse and also a not so good excuse. First of all, my laptop died on me (as mentioned before) and also I’ve just been procrastinating. There’s always something else so see, do, copy, paste, pack, organise, etc. My life’s oh so busy – yeah right! 🙂 So here I go, we’ll see how far I can go with all the backlogs that I have. I promise not to bombard you with millions of posts, maybe I’ll clump them all together.

This is an overdue blog. My birthday was 1 month 1 day ago but I need/want to put this up because it was the best ever birthday cake I’ve ever had and it is all thanks to the effort my husband put into it that made it so much more better. I decided to try out one of Ani Phyo’s delectable desserts that I got because I’m so keen to try all sorts, open up my palate and all that and I am suitably happy with what I found.

For my birthday this year, I told my husband that he should make my birthday cake rather than go buy an unhealthy one outside with all the fatty and sugary goodness. My favourite cake is carrot cake and I was delighted to see a recipe in Ani’s cookbook.
And here is the result. A beautiful lovely version of Ani’s raw carrot cupcake with kream. It was the most delicious, light, healthy cake I’ve ever eaten! It only took him 30min to put it together and serve. Thanks darling, I know you enjoyed it too! I’m so glad I got the book, I’m so keen to try out all her recipes now after tasting this beautiful cake.