>Kang Kung Sambal with King Fish and Egyptian Mangoes

>After visiting and tasted Egyptian mangoes, I have to say that it is the best mangoes we’ve ever had since being here. It is NOTHING compared to Pakistani or Indian mangoes – the size, colour, texture, sweetness, soft silky flesh is the ultimate of the ultimate!!!

These pics don’t do justice to the thickness of this humongous mango that we shared but still hungry for more! I have to say that the flesh was at least 3cm thick or more from bottom to top…the seed was so small and thin, it barely took up any space in the mango and we both enjoyed the flesh, leaving us biting and sucking what remained on the skin!!! Omgness, I’m really hooked on Egyptian mangoes, they are the best!
Anyway, back down to reality, I decided to try my hand on making some sambal kang kung – my style anyway cos it didn’t turn out like those you get in the restaurants! 😉 I did have some sambal, thanks to my good friend WL who sent me some and I have to say that little teaspoon added to the dish made a big difference! I could taste it even in such a big dish. I’m glad I didn’t put any more than 1 tsp!
I put blended together:
5 onions
1 garlic bulb
2 fresh red chillies
2 pieces of galangal
1 tsp belacan
2 bunches of kang kung
And there you go, I fried the blended onion mixture first in a hot wok with oil until fragrant, then added in the kangkung and stirfried till cooked.
We enjoyed the meal with pan fried king fish, another one of our favourite. They both went together really well.
And yes, we did finish it all up, down to the last onion in the wok! It was good but of course, not like in the restaurants unfortunately, maybe one day huh?! The meal was lovely, a little taste of home.