>Gingerwine Chicken and Vege Wraps – Post Food Poisoning

>I was suffering from food poisoning after our trip to Cairo, I guess it’s typical that one pics up on this when eating food in Egypt. Although my husband didn’t – think he has a stomach made of steel but when it comes to spicy food, he has the opposite effect!?

Anyway, after 1 week of suffering, mom told me to cook this meal to gain back my strength, gingerwine chicken soup. We found Stone’s Gingerwine, which is the best and some DOM for sweetness to add into it and some chicken thighs on sale to put this together for me.
The soup came out lovely as I haven’t had the soup in such a long time. But I had to make another meal for my husband as he prefer not to have the soup so I made fried rice with pork sausages and mixed vege for him with a touch of soy sauce which I’m glad he enjoyed.
With my ginger chicken soup, I made a raw vege wrap on the side.
I blended up some carrots, black lentils, coriander, lemon juice, salt and pepper together till smooth and wrapped it up in lettuce leaves with my lovely chicken, drizzled with some lime juice. Just lovely!