>All I Can Say is YUM YUM YUM

>YUM YUM YUM! Want me to say it again?

This little number came from the LEON cookbook, thanks to my husband who picked it up and having all the ingredients, I made this dish called Pork, Lentils and Rosemary. We had it over 2 days. One with mungbean patties and the second time with lovely rosemary and thyme couscous.
First up is to marinate and roast the pork belly, pork pieces and pork sausages with copious amounts of rosemary, salt and pepper.
All of the lovely meats above are then chopped up into bitesize pieces.
With lovely fluffy couscous flavoured with rosemary and thyme and extra virgin olive oil!
For the main dish, it had all the meats, tomato, veges, I replaced lentils with mung beans (as that was available for substitution) and you guessed it… ROSEMARY! I stewed it for 2hrs under a low heat and it came out so beautiful, thick, creamy and gooey!
For the 2nd day around, I decided to finish up the rest of the mungbeans in pattie style. I actually wanted Uadai but didn’t turn out that way. But it was still good though, my style of chunky Uadai!
4-5 cups of Mung beans, both whole and pureed
1 bulb of garlic, minced
5 onions, diced
2 fresh red chillies, chopped
2 eggs
Mix and combine properly. I used an ice cream scooper to form the shapes and into the oven it went for about 40min under 190degC heat.
I also fried up some tofu at the side. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!