>Sweet and Hot Curry with Fried Tilapia and a Raw Date and Coconut Dessert

>White Raddish curry… I’d run if I were you! Haha. I decided to try this dish out because I bought a big raddish from Carrefour, being cheap and all that, but I didn’t cook this the normal way that I use to eat it. Mom does it in soup style, peppered soup with carrots and pork ribs. That’s the way I’m used to but I decided to experiment and turned out to be a very unique curry I’ve tasted so far.It turned out to be a hot and sour curry, I used the last remaining tamarind in the fridge and thought it would be a nice accompaniment with the fried Tilapia I had thawing on the counter.

I cut up some cucumber, white raddish, red cabbage, onions and garlic. Then I used a Tamarind Curry Sauce from Choitrams I got ages ago (that’s why I decided to make a curry dish). I fried the garlic and onions till golden brown in some oil. At this point, if you want it spicier, add some fresh red chillies and stirfry with the garlic and onion for added fragrance! Then in went the curry sauce and tamarind, mixing well. Then one by one, I toss in the white raddish, cabbage and then finally the cucumber and simmer for about 30min till limp and thick.
After turning down the heat for the curry, I fried the Tilapia, coated in cornflour, salt and pepper.
Interesting combo. That’s all I have to say. I was quite happy eating them separately. Think next time I’ll stick to how I normally have it, peppered soup with carrots and pork ribs! YUM.
On a brighter, happier and sweeter note, I found a bottle of coconut milk at the back of the fridge and thought I’d better use it up. It still tasted fine so I thought I’d experiment with another raw dessert (no cooking or baking) having read so many blogs about raw food and the health benefits of eating raw including raw desserts! How could I not try it?? I’m keen to moving to raw desserts and foods but I have to be careful of indigestion (as I have experienced it before)!
So I decided just to make things simple and rounded up some of these lovely coconut balls. The ingredients were just dates and coconut. Simple as that.
I used date paste, coconut milk and desiccated coconut. Mixed it all in with no measurement cup involved. Mix and match as I went and ensured a thick consistency throughout so that I can form balls. After forming the balls, I then coated them in more desiccated coconut.
I could do a whole lot of alternatives, playing around with more ingredients, chopped up dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fruits, the list is endless if you think about it. It is super light and super delicious, it’s thick and sweet, but all natural. What more could you ask for? Suffice to say, it’s all gone now!!!!! Happy Days!!