>Monday Roasts

>How’s this for breakfast peeps? Marmalade Yoghurt Fruity Toasts to start the day? Full of fibre, sweetness and probiotic? Haha. I’m mad! But my husband thought that it was ‘interesting’. Think this is the wackiest breakfast he’s ever had. But not for me, I’ve had this before. Simple and delicious. The bread is Four Seasons Bread from Organics, it’s main ingredient is buckwheat. Again, good stuff!Since we’ve stayed away from red meat last week, I decided to make my husband a delicious roast, which is one of this favourites, with 2 types of marinade. The left is a BBQ marinade and the right is a herb marinade, rosemary and thyme, some salt and pepper.

I chopped up 4 different coloured peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms and carrots to roast in with the juices of the meat for 1.5hrs all up just to make sure that the meat’s cooked right through. I don’t eat medium rare meat especially when food poisoning from raw meat is so common nowadays plus contaminated meat!
We had the entire dish almost in our tummies except a few slices when we saved it up for my husband’s lunches which he is very much enjoying as he tells me. He calls them his gourmet roast beef sammies that he looks forward to eating. I even made a ‘moisture’ bread in between, like Monica did for Ross with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving Day!! Kinda worked I think. Brilliant idea though.
So simple and easy to make, takes no time at all. Just have to chop up the veges, coat marinades on the meat and leave it to roast for 1.5hrs while I enjoy a cuppa with a magazine. That reminds me… wonder what the difference is with baking and roasting? I don’t understand what the difference is. Can anyone tell me?
We are now off to enjoy the weekend, will post up next week with our adventures, and you know there’s always something to tell and see! I have to say, my husband’s probably fed up of me taking pictures of everything we eat and everywhere we go… *oh dear*