>Weekend Eats and Tri Nation Adventures

>This post is upside down! 🙂 Nevermind… it’s all the same.

These are some of the fruits that we enjoyed, that are super cheap and in season at the moment as food shopping day was Friday so we stocked up on green and red apples, cherries and grapes. They were all so delicious, sweet and juicy! These were Lebanese cherries AED13/kg, American apples at AED4-7/kg and Indian grapes at AED7/kg. All so good.
For lunch, my husband steamed some chicken breast with salt and pepper and did a stirfry, using and finishing whatever’s remaining in the fridge – cabbage, carrots and broccoli.
Great effort babe!
On Saturday afternoon, the All Blacks were playing the Kangaroos in the current Tri Nation games. We wore our AB jerseys loud and proud and headed to Nezessausi at Al Manzil Hotel, an Aussie, SA and NZ themed bar restaurant.
We arrived at noon as the doors opened, to make sure we have a table! The last time we arrived just before the game (at 2pm) which was a mistake as the place quickly filled up just as the doors opened. The game on Saturday was also at 2pm so we had our meal at 1pm and stayed for the game till 4pm.
We had our drinks and ordered our food 1/2hr later (due to my indecisiveness) which was actually good, as we had time to eat without overstaying and without the game disturbing us. My husband ordered a pint of Caffreys and we shared a bottle of water.
He ordered his ribs again – the 2nd time around wasn’t as impressive as the first, the amount was definitely smaller than when he ordered the 1st time. But he still enjoyed it.
I ordered the grill vegetables with baby spinach and walnuts with a side of steamed vegetables. I couldn’t decide between the pork chop, salmon or grilled chicken so decided to go vegetarian instead. The steamed veges were smaller than the 1st time around too, but the grilled vegetables were good and the roasted walnuts were like meat substitutes! SO GOOD!
We discussed about it after the meal that we should always order something different so we won’t be disappointed and we don’t compare. I totally agree so next week, when the AB’s play the Roo’s again, we’re going to order something different. I’m going to have the salmon and my husband is going to have the Tri Nation special – Aussie Lamb Rack, NZ Steak and SA’s Boerewores. Sound good huh?!
Oh by the way, the score was NZ49 v AUS24… WOO HOO! We were so proud to be wearing our AB jerseys that day, and proud to be Kiwis.