>Mixed Vege Wrap and Shrimp Curry

>Good morning all, finally been able to catch up with my posts after having 2 weeks without the internet. I feel fulfilled now knowing that for the moment I’m updated with my blog and I get to browse online and catch up with emails… hhmm.. how sad is my life? But that is the way of the world and my life.

Last night’s meal was very simple and easy. We had the last last last remaining eggplant spinach curry (finally!) where I added some shrimps for my husband to enjoy with his brown rice.
I blanched some vegetables together:
baby corn
button mushrooms
I used a seaweed leaf to wrap the vegetables together, again drizzled with Lingham Chilli Sauce and enjoyed it. But the seaweed leaf was a little tough when it came in contact with the warm vegetables so I don’t think I’ll be having it again like that. I’ll leave it when I make sushi for next time. I will leave wrapping with cabbages, works so much better. All 3 types of cabbages I reckon, white, red and chinese cabbage.
It’s cloudy out today, good for a walk to the metro station I reckon. Should I head out? It’s noon, with ample time to come home to do the ironing and do a roast dinner. Should I or shouldn’t I? I have been on the move the entire week and this is my day off, I should really stay at home and rest but I get so itchy and restless, wanting to go out but like they say “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”… *sigh