>Banoffee Pie and BBQ Pork Chops with Vege Egg Omelette

>I will start with the dessert that I made on Thursday night. Having finished our sago saga (^^) I moved to other ingredients available in the larder that was waiting to be used to come up with our weekly desserts, to end the working day and start the weekend.

I like talking and asking my husband what he misses the most from his youth, his favourite dishes, his favourite desserts and from the replies I get, I remember them and try to look for the ingredients to surprise him with. He speaks alot about banoffee pies and having looked up the recipe, it’s calorie loaded and is a heart attack waiting to happen. So I decided to modify it a little bit, making it slightly healthier. Well, I hope so anyway. I’m no nutritionist but I get my inspirations from several different health cookbooks that I have and put 2 and 2 together for a better/healthier option.
This delicious little number is a little bit mixed and matched by ear. The crust is made from raw ingredients:
2 cups of almond, soaked overnight
2 cups of date paste or dates soaked overnight
1. Blend the two ingredients together in a blender till semi smooth. I like mine abit chunky and crunchy. The both will start to form a sticky thick mixture. Stop and remove and press to form the crust base at the bottom of a baking pan/dish. Set aside.
For the cream topping, I mixed together:
300ml skimmed milk
1packet angel delight, banana flavoured
2 cups skimmed natural plain yoghurt
1. Slice up 2 bananas and spread out over the almond date crust.
2. Pour the cream mixture over.
3. Put in the fridge/freezer for 2hrs or so, until it firms up.
4. Serve immediately for utmost pleasurable enjoyment. TRUST ME, you’ll love it.
For dinner that night, we still had some left over eggplant spinach curry to finish. So we ate it with vege egg omelette and some BBQ pork chops again courtesy of Spinneys. Comparable with Choitrams and Choitram’s closer too! 🙂 What a lovely way to end the working week and start the weekend huh?!
I just realised that I posted our weekend post before this one! Haha, nevermind. Just enjoy the post and the pictures… right?! I want more pork!!!!! Nom nom nom…