>Wagamama Day Out

>It was the weekend and I definitely love being away from the apartment, being away from the kitchen and cracking my head with what to have and cook for dinner. I just enjoy not thinking about it, occupying my mind with other things that interest and intrigue me rather than just food! I just love everything else around me, things, images, sounds, smells that stimulate my senses! What am I on about? I don’t know… just mindless rambles.

Anyway, back to it, we went to Wagamama, one of our favourite places to visit for ‘fast food’. I sat down wondering what to order as everything has some sort of sauce in it, noodles, rice and what nots that I don’t normally eat. I feel bad especially when I leave it all on the table when we leave, thinking it’s such a waste of food. So this time around I decided to take action.
I ordered the grilled hammour with wilted spinach and topped with baby asparagus (minus the funky sauces in the spinach). I find myself faced with a very confused waitress who double and triple checked my order. I patiently repeated myself to make sure that they get it right the first time around. I wanted to substitute the rice for miso soup but I couldn’t so I had a side of miso soup instead. The meal came out exactly as I wanted (not before the waitress confirming with the cook if he could do it for me or not) which was really appreciated! So thank you Wagamama staff at Crowne Plaza Hotel.
My husband had 5 spice duck ramen. It came with baby pakchoy, spring onions, lovely duck pieces and noodles. He also had a pint of Tiger beer (best Asian beer ever!)
For afters, he was eyeing the peach ice cream – I can’t remember what it’s called.. oh you can actually see it on the menu in the picture. It’s no.63 Momo Koori. Is that Japanese or just some random name?! It was peach ice cream with peaches and sauce on top. I on the other hand was half asleep and out of energy so I had black coffee instead. We just came from the gym before hand and I was so tired.
But suffice to say, we love Wagamama and I got 2 cookbooks from them, promising my husband that I will make dishes from the cookbooks. The 1st cookbook comes with an instruction CD which shows you how to make and cook the dishes (I have yet to look at it) but I can’t wait! Oh what I didn’t take pictures of are the chicken and vegetable gyoza that we had for starters. Too good to be true! šŸ™‚
I remember my first taste of Wagamama, was when my friend RW told me about her experience in London and how it was so big over there, we went around hunting for it in Auckland. We found it in High Street, perched on the 1st floor of an office building and absolutely loved it ever since. I introduced it to my husband-to-be in their 2nd branch in Newmarket and I remembered he order the Chicken Katsu Curry. I had the kumara bacon salad with miso soup and gyoza. Those were some good days. We fallen in love ever since.