>Vege Curries, Salmons and Seafood Pasta

>Salmon Cakes that turned out wrong… 😦 I was so disappointed when my salmon cakes didn’t turn out right. Admittedly I omitted the most important starch which was potatoes, but I replaced it with millet flour and eggs to try bring the ingredients together, but alas, it didn’t work. The ingredients didn’t hold together and fell apart as soon as it left my hand. At the end of the day I made a salmon stirfry with vegetable curry. I was flustered and upset and angry because of all the hard work I’ve put into it and it didn’t turn out to be a perfect salmon cake like I imagined it should have!!!I made a side of sweet potato chips, naked, with only it’s natural sweetness, freshness and plumpness. Oh I do love my sweet potato chips!
Throughout the week we had the vege curry, mixed and match with other left overs, accompanied by another protein. In this case, nice steamed salmon fillet, naked, in its natural goodness.
I had the left over pakchoy quiche with blanched broccoli, with Lingham Chilli Sauce and my husband had left over vege curry with 5 spiced prawn stirfry on whole wheat pasta.