>Salmon Stirfry with Cold Salad in Goat’s Yoghurt and Veal Mince Tomato Casserole

>I had more salmon stirfry leftovers so decided to finish it off. It was lovely! It takes abit of effort to put it together but it was well worth it. This recipe came from Jamie’s Ministry of Food. I added in some fresh green chilli and it made the entire dish oh so much more delicious!The cold salad was my own. Simply chop up and toss together;

cherry tomatoes
mixed roasted nuts/seeds
dijon mustard
goat’s yoghurt
honey or agave nectar
Toss together lightly, add or subtract the liquid ingredients to taste. Enjoy!
During one of the weekends, my husband put together this lovely rich thick dish. It’s his own concoction of meats that he found in the freezer and veges to finish in the fridge. The ingredients were:
500g veal mince
400g turkey bacon, sliced
fresh mushroom
tomato puree
rosemary, thyme, oregano
salt and pepper
So everything’s chopped up, ready to go… stirfry up the meats, season, then add in the vegetables, tomato sauce and leave to simmer for a while. Have a little taste and then season again.