>Sago with Gula Melaka Coconut Milk and Pandan Red Bean

>So you must be wondering what I’ve been doing with the pandan leaves? Well, first thing I made was pandan red bean. I love the flavour of pandan with any dessert that I have, it’s such a lovely essence and it reminds me of home.

Well, first up are these lovely dried dates I found ages ago which I haven’t yet tried and what better time to try them. They were hard as rock but they were so good to eat. They weren’t as sweet as the dried dates you find in the supermarkets so it seems a good idea to use it in tong sui’s as the sweetness is retained in the date. So I just chopped and pitted them to be used to sweeten the tong sui.
So in goes the lovely organic red bean that I bought (again, ages ago!), covered in filtered boiled water, pandan leaves and the chopped dates.
I boiled them for about 1.5hrs as I underestimated the amount of red bean in a tiny pot! But I managed, having to top up the water and stir every now and then so not the burn the bottom and of course, taste test!! šŸ™‚ The organic red bean is so much more fatter, plumper and fuller in taste and texture. I’m going to try stick to organic products nowadays when they go on sale. It’s definitely worth it.
And this is what all the hard work came up to. Sago, pandan flavoured red bean drizzled with coconut milk and some gula melaka. Ooh, so so good. The rest of the redbeans are in the freezer, slowly being consumed with breakfast oats, nuts and yoghurt! YUMO!