>Eggplant Spinach Carrot Curry with Steamed Chicken Thighs

>Another simple dish… this pictures looks funny – how did it convex like that?I made a big big big pot of eggplant spinach curry with carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and tomato puree, fresh coriander, ginger, garlic and onions. Suffice to say, we just finished the last remaining bit last night, think it lasted for about 5days all together! Haha!
Steamed some chicken thighs…
And ate – about 3 helpings! It was super delicious, great way for leftovers but must remember not to make too much, as towards the end of the day, we were so sick of it. I think I might have had an upset stomach from it on the 3rd day too. My husband had to finish the rest.