>Chinese BBQ Ribs and Fried Tofu and Blanched Veges

>We had a simple dinner tonight, just blanched some broccoli and cut some carrots, panfried some tofu. This was mainly my meal because the “piece of resistance” (say it in french please ;)…Can you see it there?
1kg’s worth (almost anyway) of Danish Pork Ribs, curtesy of Spinney’s. We found this little beauty by accident really which was such a delight. My husband loves his pork ribs, coated in some Chinese BBQ sauce, marinated for about 1hr and then baked for 1hr. The ribs had a fair bit of meat on it, but also alot of fat, so it took about 30min or so to cut and clean all that out!! What a mission but ultimately they turned out great, succulent and so good. My husband didn’t even touch any of the greens so I had to have them all, tofu plus I managed 4 ribs in between there somewhere too amongst my bursting belly! We had meat sweats after that!