>Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Fresh Veges

>My new favourite way of eating. I’ve seen it so many times in blogs, magazines, etc but never got around to trying it out, but because of how things went and the food we had in the fridge, we got to finally try this one out.

Delicious freshly cut vegetables (carrots, cucumber, tomatoes) and some blanched/boiled whole cabbage leaves.
Baked Chicken Thighs with some salt and pepper, made by my husband; delicious nosh!
So all that needs to be done now is pinch and shred out the chicken meat from the bone (thigh and leg meat is sooooo good), put in the cabbage leaf and layer with veges. Wrap it up as best you can and then ENJOY!!!!
SO SO SO SO GOOOOOOOD! I can’t believe we didn’t try this before. It’s so simple, easy and oh so delicious. There is abit of work before hand but it’s not that much. I had mine plain but also with a side of Lingham Chilli Sauce! I got some more cabbage but this time red cabbage, chicken breast meat and veges all waiting in the fridge to be put together and eaten! HAH!