>Black Miso Salmon with Fried Rice and Sago Red Bean Dessert

>Seriously, our new favourite is black miso coated salmon. We can just eat one whole fillet each with no qualms! We love it and I love making it. Its so simple and oh so lovely!!!! I’m also very glad that we get lovely fresh pieces of salmon here, pricey but its good for you.We had it with left over tofu stirfry and I made brown basmati fried rice for my husband.
For dessert (being Thursday), I decided to finish off the last remaining sago. For 3 consecutive Thursday’s we’ve had sago but hubby isn’t complaining so it’s all ok. I decided to modify and create my own sago pudding.

Red Beans, cooked
Sago, cooked
Desiccated Coconut
Coconut Milk
Date Paste
So what I did was mix together the coconut milk and desiccated coconut to form a paste and dilute the date paste with some water to make it slightly soft for easy eating.
I layered and played around a little bit with each of the cupcakes –
1. sago, coconut paste and date paste
2. sago, coconut paste, date paste and red beans
3. sago, red beans and yoghurt
4. sago, coconut paste, date paste and covered in sago
Put in the fridge to firm and set for about 3-4hrs before serving it cold. Be careful if you leave them out for too long, it will start melting which isn’t very nice or easy to eat. You can freeze them if you want but let them thaw out abit before serving. Enjoy as soon as possible.
Sago, Coconut Paste and Date Paste
Sago, Red Bean and Yoghurt Topping
Red Bean and Yoghurt Topping
The one and only date and coconut paste sago burger!
It was too good. I really love playing around and modifying existing foods to come up with my own twist to them. It’s so much fun and easy to make too. It’s even better because this version can be made in advance. This is some good food!