>Best Ever Miso Salmon with Eggplant Spinach Carrot Curry and Blanched Broccoli

>The eggplant spinach curry made another appearance, alongside some blanched broccoli and again – our all time favourite miso encrusted salmon.
I made some greentea soba noodles for my husband, tossed with some sesame oil and both normal and black sesame seeds.
He had it with the curry and a half of the miso coated salmon;
And I had mine with the blanched broccoli.
For the miso salmon, I made a thicker paste and just spread it on top of salmon and let to marinate for 1hr. This way is so much better rather than watering the miso paste down with water, turning the fish upside down to marinate and bake which didn’t turn out as well – in terms of presentation. This way the fish looks so much more presentable and delectable. The miso tastes so much more intense too. I have to admit, I made alot of paste, we both love it so much! It’s another great way to eat soy.