>Baked Cauliflower with Veal Casserole Lasagne and Salmon Stirfry

>It is so nice to be able to make something up from leftovers into completely new dishes. I put together a lasagne dish from my husband’s veal casserole left overs and baked it and I had some salmon stirfry to finish off. As to accompany the meal, I baked a head of cauliflower seasoned with thyme and rosemary for a heavy meaty flavour and then squeezed some fresh lemon juice on top for the citrus tang and the lemons themselves too. So raw and naked… it’s absolutely simple and amazing.
What a great way to prepare dinner, with little effort as possible! But lately I’ve been wanting to cook something new everyday! I want to try all sorts everyday… making more work for myself but I am enjoying the outcome, the taste, the flavour, the experience… worth it? Yeah I think so.. (alongside the whinging and moaning!) šŸ˜‰