>Weekend Triple Munchiness

>Did the title confuse you? It did to me, trying to come up with a clever title but ended up being a silly one at that. I say it now as I’ve said it a hundred times, the weekends are NEVER long enough to be enjoyed enough! Especially those who deserve it, which is all of us, all those who slave behind the desk at work, deal with irate people, deal with incompetency, frustration and everything else that comes with a job. I’m sorry that the world is the way it is BUT I’m not sorry for those who enjoy their work, it might probably be a 7day weekend for them. It is rare to enjoy your work but it is possible too so I’ve heard. I’m still waiting for that day to come…

First up in the triple munchiness (is there such a word?) is one by Mr Hubby. Tomato Stew with Veal. The best cut in the house apparently, according to our lovely butcher in Lulu’s. He said, “I’ll give you the best cut of meat” and picked up this humongous piece of veal and sliced a piece off for us. We smiled in appreciation and slowly walked away.
Everything my husband cooks now is in it’s natural and whole form. Nothing out from a bottle which is pre-made, nothing with preservatives, nothing with additives, just pure whole loveliness. He’s definitely moving towards a more healthy lifestyle and has adapted to eating better and whole, natural foods now. I’m so glad that he’s willing and happy to eat and cook this way as we both know that our bodies will appreciate it more.
We enjoyed the afternoon meal with a side of Mountain Power toast and Lemon drizzled Cucumber and Apple salad. Thanks babe! It was lovely.
On Friday morning we started off the day with a healthy brekkie, left over (very thawed) cherries with coffee and apples and bananas in yoghurt and raw oats with a slight sprinkling of seeds and nuts. A nice boost to the day which took us till we had our next meal, spending the entire day infront of the tv, watching movies from our new media player! What a great buy that was!!!
We wanted to head out after slouching on the couch the entire day so we both decided on The Noodle House at Madinat Jumeirah. It’s been a while since we’ve been there and they came out with a new menu so we thought hey, why not.
It was packed to the seams when we got there, we had to sit in the corner since it was just the 2 of us which we happily did without having a reservation. A few big groups had to actually wait outside till their table cleared or they didn’t have a reservation. We sat down by the window with a nice view of the man made water canals in amongst the Madinat Souk, Al Qasr hotel and Burj Al Arab which was nice.
First up on the order was Lemongrass Iced Tea and Raspberry Puree Iced Tea. There were so many items on the menu that we didn’t know what to choose. I wanted to try it all!
The food came pretty quick considering the amount of people in the restaurant! For starters, we had dimsum, steamed Chicken Siew Mai and Vietnamese Chicken Wings in Hot Vietnamese sauce. My husband said he could eat a big bowl of Chicken Wings, it was that good. The Siew Mai were a bit disappointing considering the size and the price. Not worth the price for just 3 of them.
So we had our mains come out pretty quick again after the starters. We were salivating and commenting on food arriving at neighbouring tables, wondering how they would taste like! 🙂 Typical asian thing to do.
We ordered steamed mixed vegetables;
Wok fried tofu with beans and asparagus (in a very worrying brown thick sauce) which was quite salty and overpowering. I wished that the dish didn’t come with the brown sauce though, it was too much and took the taste away from the tofu;
Quarter of Peking Duck (we asked for breast meat). The duck was lovely, bit dry but there wasn’t much fat under the skin which was great! The pancake (not pictured) was lovely and we managed about 10 small wraps. My first peking duck in a restaurant and I’d love to have some more! That sauce, plum? duck? hoisin sauce? was just lovely!!! YUM-O!
And the old favourite, my husband’s ultimate favourite, Sweet and Sour Chicken with a side of Egg Fried Rice.
The meal was lovely! Unfortunately it was a pricey meal but it was good, the quality of food was good, the ambiance was great and the company was wonderful.
We had an interesting neighbouring table, a mother with her daughter and 2 of her friends. They ordered 4 main dishes and were eating in silence which was quite odd we thought, so we continued observing. They must have just sat down as there were still alot of food left, but the mother asked for the bill while they were all still eating and next minute, they all stood up and left, leaving SO MUCH FOOD on the table. 2 of those dishes weren’t even touched. What-a-waste! Pass it to us and we’ll finish it… what the heck was going on there we wondered. So weird! Made good conversation though! 🙂