>Frozen Cherries for Dessert and Pak Choy wrapped Tuna and Quinoa Quiche Cups

>I had to, H-A-D to start with dessert. I mentioned in a previous post that I got a loadful of cheap lebanese cherries from Carrefour that I froze. It dawned on me that it was yucky and mushy when I thawed it the first time around so this time, we’ll have it frozen instead. I didn’t know if we were able to bite into a frozen cherry, but it must be better than eating them fully thawed. So I took the cherries out 1-2 hrs before we were due to eat it and I am telling you right now, it is like eating little red balls of cherry ice cream. THEY WERE DELICIOUS and yes, we could bite into them no problems at all.They were still about 90% – 100% frozen when I took these pictures. There were some that were softer to touch than the fully frozen ones and they were the best. Leave them to thaw a little bit and eat them, trust me, you will not regret it. I however regret eating too many as I caught a chill and had to stand under a hot shower, if you believe me, my fingers and lips were blue. My fault…
For Thursday night dinner, I decided to experiment with the 2day old pak choy that was in my fridge, wondering what to do with them. I decided to have fun and oh what fun I had. I wanted easy and fast so I made little quiches wrapped in pak choy and at the same time, cook quickly and easy to handle and eat individually.

So these are my pak choy wrapped tuna quiche cups. So easy and simple to make, also if you’re looking to save on your foodbill, this is a cheap dish to make, well over here it is anyway. The pak choy were AED2 (for 2 bunches), eggs (not sure how much but I buy bulk), frozen mixed veges that were on sale for AED10 for 2 packs, AED3 for 1 can of tuna and 2 slices of left over turkey bacon which were on sale from a pack of 12 slices that were AED10.

This is one really simple recipe. The ingredients you need are:
1 large bunch of pak choy (or 2 small bunches) with nice big leaves
2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables
1 can of tuna in spring water
1 1/2 cups quinoa, cooked
6 eggs
dash of milk
salt and pepper
Preheat the oven at 180degC.
1. Wash and clean the pak choy, chop the leaves away from the stalk. Dice the stalks of the pak choy.
2. Mix together the diced pak choy stalks, frozen mixed veges, eggs, quinoa milk, salt and pepper and set aside.
3. Drain the tuna and break apart in a separate bowl.
4. Wilt the pak choy leaves in the oven for 3min or you can eat it raw. Just make sure they’re cleaned properly without any blemishes.
5. Once the leaves are slightly wilted, put them into the muffin tray which will create a cup form. Layer as many as you wish as a base for the quiche cups.
6. Layer the tuna and the egg mixture into the pak choy lined muffin trays till full.
7. Bake in the oven for 30min or so, until brown.
For the turkey wrap, just place the cooked bacon inside the pak choy in a ring form and then spoon the egg mixture inside the ring. Its the same concept as my previous blog for bacon wrapped quiche.
We enjoyed it with a side of gaeng gari curry left overs and pak choy leaves that didn’t have a muffin cup to call home. Super lovely meal, all in one, vege, protein loaded. I had it with Lingham Chilli sauce of course, can’t do without my chili!!!!