>Panaeng Curry with Pineapple and Beef plus something special for the LunchBox

>Oh, I’m so glad I found this cookbook, it’s called exploring taste & flavourby Tom Kime. I just happened to stumble on it while browsing through heaps of books on sale at Virgin Megastore. It was 1/2price so I thought, what the heck… I browsed through it, amazed at the lovely dishes and photography which had me salivating.

The book explores mixing spicy, sweet, sour and salty together, creating new and wonderful dishes. They mainly evolve around South East Asian dishes because that’s what they eat there anyway and I love SEA food. I just wanted to try every single dish immediately because they all just look so inviting! But I only had 5 days in the week when I cook, so I could only choose a few. The first try was this delicious looking Panaeng Curry with pineapple. The curry calls for tofu, but none were available so I substituted with sirloin beef steaks instead.
It had the most delectable flavouring, mixing together chillies, onions, spices, pineapple which were sweet and sour and then I added in carrots and beans plus lots of fresh coriander and spring onions. Oh… the flavours were dancing in my mouth with every bite I took.
We had it with brown rice and the mince pork mui choy left overs. Oh So Yummy! Can’t wait to try more recipes from the book. I just wish I could cook for more people, so I can cook different varieties within the book. I want a little taste of everything! 🙂
And to finish it all off, I decided to make my husband gourmet lunches this week for the remaining 3days of the week. I got some potato bakes and turkey slices which I panfried in a non-stick pan.
And finished them off between two slices of Mountain Power bread, lettuce, cucumber and a spiral of good old tomato sauce. Oh the loveliness of a good sandwich. That night, when my husband came home, he told me the sandwich was so good, BUT it was too big! He nearly dislocated his jaw trying to fit the whole thing in! Haha, I told him to just take small bites next time but he wanted it all in every bite, so we down-graded by taking out the cucumber and serving more lettuce in there. Nice huh?