>My Bircher Muesli and Gaeng Gari Curry with Steamed Salmon

>Aahh… I made a big batch of bircher muesli on Monday and had the last bit today. It has been ‘stewing’ in the fridge for 4days and I have to tell you that this is one dish that gets better in time. Oh it was thick and creamy, the raisins were so sweet and juicy, even the nuts were plump and juicy, so to speak. A nice cold bowl of cherry flavoured bircher muesli to start the day with, what more could you ask for?

I read somewhere that by soaking nuts in water, it brings out the nutrients more when digesting, plus it’s not too hard on brittle teeth too so this is a win-win situation.So last night’s meal was another curry dish from exploring taste & flavours called Gaeng Gari Curry. This one however, I omitted the chillies and replaced with a Korma Curry powder from the pack which I got from Malaysia. Little did I know that it still had curry/chillies in it. But I tried making it exactly according to the recipe;
baby corn
fresh coriander and spring onions
*just to name a few*
Sorry, the dish does look messy but let me tell you, it was heavenly. A big bowl of vegetarian curry goodness. The pumpkin and kumara ‘melted’ in with the curry paste and made it thick and creamy without the need for fatty creams. However I did put in some yoghurt to thicken the dish and give it a faux creamy flavour adding to the pumpkin and kumara.
We had it with foil baked salmon, without any seasoning for 20min since the oven was hot anyway. The curry was lovely and the salmon was delicious as always. I’m always happy to pay more for good fresh fish and we can always get a good tail fillet from Carrefour and Lulu’s. When it’s cheap, I stock up! I’m glad though that my husband loves fish and will happily eat them. We also had a side of Mountain Power Bread to eat with the curry – kinda like a replacement of roti canai. Speaking of which… I miss roti canai, or even chapati… hhmm… I did recently find a recipe for roti canai. It scares me how much oil/butter they use to make it though. Think chapati or popodom is the healthier choice – baked of course!
Our next cookbook pick was by my husband – Jaime Oliver’s Everybody Can Cook Cookbook. I think he’s craving for good old English food. Well, considering this week I cooked dishes that I wanted to eat. It’s all about satisfying the cravings right?!