>World Cup Mania 4 at Harvesters Traditional English Pub

>Friday night… Brazil v Netherlands… I placed my bets, half time 0-0, full time 1-0 to Brazil. My husband had 0-0 for full time. Little did we know, this little place called The Netherlands have some talented players. Either that, or Brazil was so arrogant, thinking that they’ll breeze through… oh were we wrong!

We chose Harvesters because it was a traditional English pub that my husband has longed to visit. What a better time to go during the world cup with the hype, noise, atmosphere to absorb and have fun! Right? Well, half right… it was a nice place, the food was nice and affordable and the environment was spot on. My husband had a smile on his face and I was excited. This was our first visit to an English pub in Dubai. Suffice to say, the other half wrong was the smoking. We were practically smoking ourselves there considering that more than half the patrons there were smokers. I could feel my nose hair burn all the way through the time we were there.
But, it was something to bare with and enjoy? experience is probably the better word. We arrived early, at about 4.30pm, sat down and had a lovely dinner. The menu was ok, however my husband was looking forward to a steak and kidney pie, BUT they didn’t have it so he ordered a steak pie instead. It was a ramekin of beef stew and a round puff pastry on top. Accompanying it was steak fries and a super small bowl of coleslaw. He was disappointed. Lucky for us, we ordered breaded mushrooms too.
I on the other hand ordered the grilled chicken dinner meal which was 2 (large) grilled chicken breasts, a side of salad and I exchanged the steak fries for steamed vegetables instead. I had ALOT of food so hubby was semi satisfied when I gave him some of my chicken. I tried some of his beef steak and all in all, the food was pretty tasty and good. My chicken as too salty but the vege’s calmed it down alot so it was good.
The atmosphere in Harvesters was nice, it was packed! VERY PACKED! People started showing up at 6pm, blocking our view of the big screen looking for spaces to sit. Come on people!!! You think you can find a seat after the game begins? You must be kidding me right?! We had to yell at some people to move out of the way and not before they gave us ugly looks back. Stupid people!!! The staff were really attentive and knowledgeable, making the experience nice. The environment was very appropriate (aside from the smoke) and the liveliness and sportsmanship of the people there was one to remember.
I don’t know if you can see the above picture, they were giving out vuvuzealas! Our first and we loved it, super noisy when Netherlands won though and we had to cover our ears too but I had a few myself and it was great! We enjoyed happy hour, Fosters and I tried Murphy’s thinking that it was Guinness. Overall, a super great experience, looking forward to our next football stint, wonder where we’ll head to next?! Barasti? Nezessauzi? or good old Laiya?! Any suggestions?