>Lots of Lebanese Cherries and Acar for Dinner

>Hello everybody! Hope the weekend’s going/went well. For those who don’t know, in the Arab world, the working day starts on Sunday with Friday being their holy day. It’ll be 2 more hours till the hubby gets home so I will quickly update my blog and then start preparing dinner. All I think about is food, what to eat, what to cook, it’s no wonder I constantly eat and eat and eat.

I wanted to share with you the special at Carrefour for the past 2weeks I think, Lebanese Cherries for AED19.90/kg! Super cheap and super sweet. Although the majority of them on the shelf are soft and squishy, I found some lovely ones underneath as I patiently dug and dug for about 30min, sieving through all that cherries. I bought 3.7kg’s worth of cherries which I then washed, separated into 4 bags and froze 3 of them. It didn’t come out nice after it’s frozen, all mushy and soft but it was sweeter! Not sure why it’s become like that but it’s still ok to eat. I was afraid that the sale would end but yesterday when we went to Carrefour, it was still on. Might get some more fresh ones and leave the frozen ones for dessert.
As you know, I’ve been blogging about Acar, it is a Malaysian/Indonesian dish which comprises of cooked chilli jam which is then tossed while it’s warm, with raw vegetables. The only thing I omitted from this batch is roasted peanuts and abit mild for me. I will make another batch of chilli jam to eat with it.
I mentioned about Emping last week, I fried both Emping and Keropok to be had with the Acar and it was a super hit. I must confess that while I was frying them, I ate half of them, so I had to refry some more to make up the numbers! Whoops! Please don’t judge me! I’m weak for food!! So the left of the pic below is keropok (from Brunei) and Emping on the right (from Indonesia). I didn’t dry/sun the keropok udang so it came out really tiny. Still good to eat though!
So I made a Chinese meal out of it, with Chinese BBQ ribs, panfried tofu, keropok and Acar. There were some left over baby cos so I had that too with it. Yum, yum yum yum… more chilli please!!!
The meal was so lovely as always (not that I’m blowing my own horn here) but I’m glad they turned out well. The bbq ribs was a tad bit dry but it was nice to munch on. They were abit tiny though, so we will look for beef ribs next time. Wonder if the taste is the same… we’ve only ever had beef ribs at TGIF, oh and also Ribs & Rumps. As you know, they don’t serve pork in public places/foodcourts in Dubai. You need a special license to do it with regards to it being halal and all that.
We had a great weekend with the football… keep a close eye on my next blog…