>How we broke Our Bank

>Dubai Summer Surprise…

If you’ve been to Dubai, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yes, super summer sales. Discounts left and right too hard to ignore, discounts too big, figures and numbers enticing you to spend spend spend! And we did… unfortunately.
Not wanting to give too much away, these are just a few of what we bought, which is now hanging/sitting nicely in our wardrobes.
AC: Silk and Mother of Pearl, 50% off!
AM: Sandals, stripes, studded, dirty green and 40% off! Definitely collectors item.
These ones are my favourite. Shoes, shirts, scarf, sexy, lovely, expensive but cheap, collector’s item, AW2010 collection… oh stop me! I want to go back, thinking of all the racks that I missed out, they’re calling out to me, can you hear them?