>World Cup Mania Outing at Apres MoE

>We had our first world cup outing at Apres Bar & Restaurant at Mall of Emirates during the weekend. We enjoyed the game Brazil v Portugal and Korea v Ivory Coast. There was alot of Brazilian fans there, all ready with flags, tshirts, vuvu wat-nots and warpaints! Alot of screaming, yelling and I have to say, this is my first time in such a situation and environment. Really differs to what we have at Laiya, quiet and intimate, just us and the big screen!

We had an early dinner, they had spare tables at the non-smoking area where we had to walk through the smoking area to get to the non-smoking area (make sense? I think not) and the smoke lingers over anyway. We surely had our dose of 2nd hand smoking that night.
First up, we shared a mezze platter consisting of lovely stuffed vine leaves, grilled veges, big black kalamata olives, tzatziki, hummus, sundried tomatoes, salted artichoke hearts, feta and warm arabic bread. It was lovely!
Then for mains, my husband had haddock fish and chips, served with mayo and tomato sauce and I had Thai fish cakes… literally just thai fish cakes. What a disappointment. It was deep fried which was ok but the flaky haddock and salmon fish with spicy coconut thai sauce was nicely done. I had only a smidgen of salad on the side.. 😦
We also ordered 4pints of beer (brought in a jug) which was on promotion, the cheapest by far and enjoyed the game with the full view of Ski Dubai. The location and ambiance of the restaurant is lovely. Bit cold towards the end of the day but still nice. The price range is abit high for they food but at least we have Time Out Dubai to thank for some discounts!
We’re planning our next outing for this weekend’s games. Keep a look out for my post next week. We still haven’t decided yet, there’s so many options and World Cup promo out there its so hard to choose… watch this space! 🙂