>My Favourite Place and Person

>Did I ever tell you that I love my gym? I spend alot of time there, at least 2 – 3days a week for my favourite classes. I am gutted though cos we’ve been told that the timetable for the next quarterly which coincides with summer will change drastically. No more Pilates, no more Yoga and no more Ab Blaster! A new timetable is coming out so will take a look and find new classes to join. Alot of ladies are off back to their own country during summer to get away from the Dubai heat, but I’m finding it ok so far. BUT in saying that it’s only coming to summer now. The peak of summer has just now hit so I’m probably speaking too soon.

I’m glad there’s a pool at my gym, I went swimming last weekend, the temperature was 40degC and the water temperature was 30degC! It was nice so I did about 40laps? I went into the pool a few months back when the water temperature was 20degC, I was prickling all over, shivering my bones off! Jumped out after 2 laps.

The gym is always themed, this time around its the world cup and it looks like they’re supporting Germany? or maybe the owner is German? I don’t know! Haha! I love what the gym provides, there’s a coffee machine, with a selection of teas and soft drinks, magazines, promotional items and now they’ve just installed an XBox Game Machine. I don’t see many people using it as it’s not really the place to use it. The gym is equipped with a good variety of exercise machines, classes, etc. The stretch room is abit tiny though and it is always busy, other than that, I just head there on quieter days. I do enjoy my gym time, it’s just the walk there that makes it hard, only during summer/hotter months though. Other than that it’s quite enjoyable.
This pic was taken this morning, crisp white YSL long sleeve shirt with a silky blue/purple/grey tie, ready for work. Oh why oh why do we have to work? But it is Thursday and we are forever living for the weekend! 🙂So in saying that, have a great weekend everybody. You know what I’ll be doing, snapping pics all the way for my next blog! Nothing much planned this weekend though, more games to watch and grocery shopping and food to eat and money to spend! Haha!