>Acar in Baby Cos topped with 5 Spiced Snapper and Sago with Mango for Dessert

>Acar, acar, acar! I love Acar! Looks good right? Truth be told, this batch didn’t turn out so good. I underestimated the Acar sauce and overestimated the vegetables! They didn’t balance out well and the vegetables overpowered the Acar sauce. Not too happy with it but it’s ok for now. I will attempt the make it again and next time it’ll be better. More Acar sauce next time for sure and smaller pieces of cabbage.

I made a big batch on Tues, so it had 1 overnight marinate and tonight, 2 days overnight marinate. There’s a little bit more for tonight’s dinner which we will enjoy with Emping (terima kasih Bram) and prawn crackers from Brunei. I’ve never tried Emping so I’m looking forward to it.
Sorry for the crappy shot first of all. Unfortunately this is the only overhead pic that I took of our dinner last night. We had Acar with baby cos salad leaves, 5 spiced snapper which was flaked and kumara chips. The cos lettuce and kumara chips were to replace the prawn crackers but they defo couldn’t substitute the keropok! That’s why I’m going to fry some for tonight’s dinner.
This is how dried Emping looks like… Interesting huh? Well for me anyway, having never seen them before and the smell… it’s so sweet and delectable. Can’t wait!!
So this is how had them, Acar in baby cos lettuce, topped with 5 spiced snapper. I think it’s better to have them separately! Haha, don’t get me wrong, the meal was lovely, the cold Acar was nice and the 5 spiced snapper was nice, just not together. I couldn’t sit down, walk or talk after the meal, suffice to say, I had too much to eat. The meal was so light that I didn’t know when to stop so I went on and on and on…. and suffered after!
On Tues (when I freshly made the Acar) I had it for my dinner with fried tofu pieces and topped with more Lingham Chilli Sauce. It wasn’t hot enough for me personally so I topped it with more chilli sauce. It was TOO GOOD to be true. Think this what I’ll be having tonight too, left over tofu in the fridge. Chilli is my downfall, I’m a sucker for for spicy food.
And for afters, I made my first sago mango dessert. Boiled the sago, cubed the mango (which was oh so sweet), topped with coconut milk and melted muscovado sugar.
The sago turned out sticky and starchy so I googled online and asked mom for direction. I think I boiled it for too long and not enough water. It burned at the bottom too so that should probably have been my first sign that it’s not going to turn out well but I continued on, determined not to waste food! I read that the sago should be eaten with a white spot still in the sago, washed and blanched so to separate the sago seeds and get rid of the starchiness. Next time I try that out, I’ll follow those instructions. Also to use up the coconut milk, I don’t know what to do with it… mom suggested bubur cha cha. Sounds good…