>World Cup Mania 2 Vege Chips and Pork Sausages

>Oh-ah-Umanga! Oh wait, that’s rugby… sorry…

We went to watch football last night, England v Slovenia. What a lousy game yet again! Not very impressed by the English team, they couldn’t even kick ass. Yes, they made several attempts for goals but failed, all but one from that short black guy… what’s his name again? Defoe.. thats the one. That guy, Rooney made several attempts but hit the goal post instead. It was funny to watch the english fans’ facial expressions, priceless everytime!
I know I know, I’m mean but hey, I support whomever I want to with how I feel at that time. I have no allegiance to any team or country but I have my interests in certain teams.
For last night’s picnic meal, I made something easy to eat with quick inconspicuous small bites which worked fairly well except that the tupperware was on the floor and we had to bend up and down to get it so that got kinda weird. Our tupperware picnic had:
Sweet Potato
Pork Sausages
Accompanying this tupperware meal are the all time reliable favourite, Tommy K and I made my own white dip which is my secret dip. I’m not going to divulge in the recipe for this one. All I’m going to say its a lovely yoghurt dip.
Here’s it all packed and ready to go. Finger food and dip, easy to eat. I baked the veges for 1hr and the pork sausages for 30min just in case. Then I brought it out a let them cool down to let the smell dissipate. Once it’s cold, it didn’t smell which was the worrying part cos the first time around, the smell just permeated the entire cafe when we opened the tupperware. I thought we were going to get told off for sure, but they were good enough to let us eat there.
Tonight we’re off to see another game, NZ v Paraguay and the next one after that, either Denmark v Japan or Cameroon v Netherlands. We have no preference but it’s fun to stay out and enjoy sports time together. I’m thinking vegetable skewers and chicken cubes marinated with some sort of sauce which I haven’t decided yet. There’s lots of preparation to do before hand, I have to sort out and clear my massive magazine collection (which is pilling up to the ceiling) and throw them out, ironing and then dinner. Finger/Party foods are more fiddly and there’s more work involve. There also needs to be time for marination and cooling down and in there somewhere I have to remember to take a shower!
*phew* what a day this will be. I’m going to relax during the weekend, although we will be out watching football those 2 days I’m sure of it… and the next week, until the game comes to an end. We came up with something fun to do, we’ll cook a South African meal and a meal from the winning country at the end of the games. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait…