>Random Finds and Analysis

>This is just a random blog… some new teas I picked up from a secret location that I cannot divulge otherwise I’ll get in trouble! Can’t wait to try them. Scared as well at the same time of the taste. I find that I get tummyache when I have any tea on an empty stomach. It really hurts to the point where I have trouble breathing for a moment.

So this is a new brand that’s out here at the moment Alokozay. Not sure where its from but they’re introducing a whole load of different teas.
Cardamon Tea
Lemon Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Mint Tea
Peach Tea
Green Tea (not shown)
Jasmine Tea (not shown)
I tried them and they’re stronger and heavier than the normal Lipton and Twinning brands that we buy. It’s nice though. I combined green and jasmine, didn’t turn out well and Early Grey and Lemon, also didn’t turn out well although the combination is common and I have tried them together before but with other brands. Will keep you guys updated with these other ones I haven’t yet tried.
Having read (too much) food/health blogs. I decided to go out and get some of these alternative milks. SO off to Organics I went and got myself some Rice, Soy and Almond Milks. I’ve tried Soymilk before but this one is full fat, I prefer the skimmed version. I don’t like the thick milky after taste in my mouth but a little bit in my coffee is ok.
My observation as I looked at the nutrition facts on all packs is that rice milk has the highest calories per cup. This came as quite a shock to me, but I guess its because of the high carbohydrate content. The almond milk had sugar in it (which I didn’t know until I got home) but that was the only one they sold, and the soy milk was natural and unsweetened. The soymilk had lower calories and fat (although it was the full fat version) and the almond milk had the least amount of calories and fat compared to the other 2 milks but not only basing it on calorie content, each of the milks has its good and bads. Click on the image below and compare yourself. I don’t know what’s best but ultimately I’ll alternate with skimmed cow and soy milks and also almond milk. I don’t think I’ll get rice milk anymore. The carbohydrate is too high for my liking.
We wanted to try alternative milks, so we got both rice and soy chocolate drinks. They are fantastic, although I like the soy version better than the rice.
Am really enjoying this trial and errors for new healthier/alternative drinks as too much dairy isn’t good for me. I read somewhere that the asian body isn’t build for too much dairy products as it isn’t part of our diet in the ancient days, more of soy and rice products? Is that right?