>Lamb Korma with Roasted Aubergine and Sprouted Mung Bean Salad

>What a great meal! Thought I’d start with a salivating picture of my Lamb Korma (from Eat Yourself Smart) and Roasted Aubergine (from Wholegrain – modified), dinner for Sunday night. It took me a long time to prepare for this meal as I underestimated the timing. The lamb had hidden fats everywhere and I was sure to clean as much as I could, but with a blunt knife, that didn’t help at all. I got so flustered and frustrated that I had to succumb to just scraping out the fat with my fingers! Anyway, that’s by the by, the meal came out so good that it was well worth it. We enjoyed the meal thoroughly as we both ate in silence and we really scoffed it down, there was no time to even breathe!

The recipe called for Roasted Aubergine with Triticale Salad and Pine Nuts. I had no idea what triticale is, but found out that it was a berry and pine nuts are super expensive so I decided to substitute which what I had in my larder. I substituted with sprouted mungbeans and walnuts instead. This was a raw salad, but the sprouted mungbeans were quickly blanched as I didn’t know if it could be eaten raw/as it is because this is our first try. It was real cheap and I’ve always wanted to try it so what better time with this cookbook. Mixed with finely chopped onions, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, lemon juice, I left it to rest while I continued on with the rest of the meal.
These roasted aubergines came out lovely, drizzled with olive oil and baked for about 50min so that they’ll come out bruised and limp. The longer you leave it in there, it’ll get more caramelised and soft which is how I like it. You have to put oil with aubergines to get a colour like this, otherwise to omit it is ok as well.
I used a piece of Australian lamb shoulder for this lamb korma dish, which was about 1.5kgs plus bone plus all that yucky fat. It shrank down a fair bit but still had lovely juicy thick meat left on there. The made from scratch korma recipe can be found in Eat Yourself Smart, and I have to say the work was worth it. The korma cream came out so smooth, thick and oh-so-delicious. I was so comfortable eating it because I know exactly what’s in it and not some added preservatives or additives which makes the meal even more delicious. The ingredients were all fresh and friendly.
I roasted the lamb korma for about 1hr, letting it marinade in the korma for about 30min as I started the meal too late. No matter, the dish came out superb.
Final pics of both of our plates. Suffice to say we had seconds, thirds and fourths… we were super stuffed! Imagine, 1.5kg worth of lamb meat, 1 whole aubergine each topped with sprouted mungbean salad… our stomachs were crying out for help!!! It was a dinner to remember. This meal will show its face again, when lamb goes on sale again! :)))