>World Cup Mania and Foods

>NZ v Italy 1-1!!!!!!!! Haha, I have to say that I’m stoked with that result, Italy didn’t deserve that penalty kick otherwise it would have been a flat out win for NZ! Such big drama queens, really! *hump*

We’ve been visiting our umbrella hotel for the World Cup since day one and have been enjoying it ever since. We found a little indoor nook to ourselves at the cafe, where everyone else is upstairs at the Football Tents all in with the smokers and what-nots. We enjoyed the games all to ourselves, smack right infront of the tv itself. We’re now a familiar face at the cafe and we cause abit of a drama the other time so we think that the waiting staff dread it when we walk through the front doors. OH WELL…
The comfy chairs are where we have been and will continue to perch while watching the games, hoping that nobody else will get there first before us. So far, we’ve been lucky.
This is just at our doorstep!!! Their cafe stocks lovely delectable cakes, oh so bad for you but oh so good for you when you taste it! They were serving a cuppa and cake for AED25, where a cuppa is AED18 and a slice of cake is AED24! Madness!
So on Saturday just passed, we watched Netherlands v Japan and then Australia v Ghana? while enjoying a cup of Earl Grey Green (our new favourite tea) and food from their inhouse restaurant. I had the Nicoise Salad (AED45), looks gourmet but I was disappointed with the ingredients which were mainly lettuce. There was no olive and definitely not enough tuna, although this is the first time I had the Nicoise Salad with fresh tuna. Previously they always serve me canned tuna.
We shared a lovely (but expensive) Pepperoni Pizza (AED50) and my husband had the Cheeseburger (AED45). I would say that he got the better deal. The meat was succulent, topped with turkey bacon and melted cheese on foccacia bread, salad and a side of fries. He downed the cheeseburger and fries and the pizza, leaving the salad in his wake, so I took over. Then we shared a fruit platter (AED35) which was very well presented but not worth the price for sure. Didn’t manage to take a picture as was having a laugh and a joke. By the way, this was the meal we had that cause the drama. Don’t want to say anything more about it.
So having learnt our lesson, last night I wanted to watch the NZ v Italy game so we headed down and I packed a picnic. I don’t want to spend so much money on food everytime we watched a game. It could be a costly month if we did eat out everytime. We weren’t sure if we were allowed outside food but the cafe was very quiet and the staff almost non-existent, so we decided to try it out. We had to order something to sit down and to cover the aroma coming out from our tote bag, we had to order cooked food. We had Early Grey Green again with a bowl of chips that came with a side of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. All that didn’t really disguise the aroma but it justified our munching!
This week’s cookbook is Wholegrains and Eat Yourself Smart. I made Stuffed Tomatoes, which I modified abit with the ingredients I had in our fridge.
4 whole tomatoes
2 medium onions, diced
3/4 bunch of kangkung, chopped
1/2 bunch parsley, chopped
juice from 1/2 a lemon
10 walnuts, chopped
So I topped the tomatoes and lined them in a baking bowl, stuffed the onion, parsley and kangkung mix (seasoned with salt and pepper) which I cooked on the stovetop before hand. I then baked it in the oven for 20min under a 190degC heat. Once the bell dinged, I took them out and top them with the lemon and chopped walnuts.
And for the accompanying dish, we had baked mince pork with salted pickled vegetable and the left over kangkung.
300g mince pork
1 bunch kangkung, chopped
2 leaves of salted pickled vegetable, chopped
2 eggs
soy sauce
salt and pepper
sesame oil
Place all the ingredients together and mix well. Oil the baking tray with sesame oil for added asian infused fragrance and place the mince meat mix into each muffin cups. Just bake for 30min at 190degC heat.
The salted pickled vegetable came from Dean’s Fujiya, one pack which had a bunch of pickled salted vegetable cost AED15 which was abit steep but I had to get it, I was craving salted vege and wanting to bring more of mom’s cooking into our lives. Mom’s food is comfort food for me. Makes me feel like I’m at home and remembering our meals at our dining table at Athena Drive. I love that dining table, especially in that position in the house where when you look up, you see Rangitoto and the rest of the drive.
A note for next time, our meal at the hotel was very messy, having to hide it from the nosy staff members, watching out for footsteps and stuffing it down our mouths too quickly. Finger foods, chopped fresh veges and dip for next time, basically tiny food that don’t give out strong aromas! It’s times like these that one needs to be careful and frugal with no conscience! Haha! Our next game is on Wed at 6pm. I’m thinking cubed fried tofu, veges, soy chicken vietnamese wrap with dip? It’s fun to plan these things, keeps my mind occupied and busy.
Dinner tonight: Roasted Aubergine with Salad (Wholegrain) and Lamb Korma (Eat Yourself Smart)