>Homemade Black Miso Salmon with Beansprout Onion Omelet and Meatballs with Roasted Veges

>*phew* the heading’s a mouthful isn’t it? This post is 2days worth of meals in one and is my absolute favourite trials. I’m very impressed with these fast meals, all handpicked and chosen from several different meals and childhood meals.

First up is Black Miso Salmon. I read so much about the Black Miso Cod at Nobu Restaurant at Atlantis being a signature dish of Nobu in magazines, so I decided to try it out myself. I have a pack of black miso in my fridge and a meaty piece of salmon so why not put them together. We can’t afford to go to Nobu (where it was quoted AED800pax) so why not bring Nobu into our humble dining table instead right? There are always ways around it. I have never tried Nobu’s Black Miso Cod but I can tell you that my homemade Black Miso Salmon is super delicious! Open a restaurant you say? Heck yeah! It’s in my blood!! 🙂
So all I did was marinate this succulent piece of salmon for 1hr on each side (or more) in black miso, lightened with some hot/warm water. Unfortunately I didn’t have more time to marinate so the miso only lightly permeated through the top layer of the salmon rather than the whole. It could have permeated more if the salmon were in cubes.
Ta-Da! Here we have a lovely Black Miso Salmon baked for 30min or so under a 190degC heat. It was LOVELY! Tasty, not too salty and partnered up with a lightly flavoured beansprout onion open omelet. Nothing else to accompany the meal except to savour up both the flavours, the salmon being the main dish of the meal. Did I mention that it’s soooooooooo gooooooooood???
As we’ve just came back from a quick trip to UK, I was suffering from jetlag and on top of that I got a big hit of hayfever. I was down and out so the meals were pretty simple and quick and as you can see, I only managed to take pictures of 1 dinner out of the 4 dinners that we had as I was feeling very rough.
This was a quick meatball tomato stew. The meatballs were made with 500g of mince meat, lots of oregano and rosemary, salt and pepper. In the tomato sauce consisted of organic tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, basil, oregano and rosemary and water to dilute it down. I stewed it for about 30min for the tomato sauce to infuse with the meatballs.
For my husband, he prefers penne pasta (which were wholewheat) with his meatballs. I roasted some vegetables on the side, chopped up fresh mushrooms, carrots, onions, spiced with herbs again and some left over cucumbers from my husband’s sandwich. It was a nice warm meal, I think I finished all the roasted veges, my husband had most of the meatballs! It was that good, or we were that hungry! 🙂