>Homemade Vegetarian Sushi

>What can I say, seriously? Last night’s dinner was the bestest ever. I made vegetarian sushi just cos it’s so easy, quick and there’s not room for contamination with raw food and meat. I had so much fun making it and salivated the entire day thinking about it.

So, I soaked cucumber and carrot sticks (julienne) in apple cider vinegar and cooked the quinoa before hand. I also went out and got some beansprouts and avocado. I have to say, I have no qualms of spending a bit more money buying organic avocado. They are the best ever, they’re tastier, creamier and so fleshy and bright. I don’t know if you can see below but the colour of the avocado was the yellowest and it was super fleshy too. I was so glad when I cut it open, money well spent!
So I had pickled cucumber and carrots, beansprouts, quinoa, avocado, spicy pickled raddish and toasted seaweed. With my new sushi bamboo roller mat, I rolled on baby!
On the side I had pickled ginger and this little number – Thai Chilli Sauce. IT IS BLOODY HOT! I couldn’t help but kept on dipping although I was suffering! Chillies are super addictive but I dipped in very lightly everytime. My first dip was the deepest! YIKES!
So I just mixed and matched as I went. I replaced rice with quinoa and wrapped away. Don’t they look so delicious? They tasted awesome too with the pickled ginger and the chilli sauce. Wished I got some wasabi instead, oh well, next time…
I made about 5 rolls altogether, busting at the brims and I have to admit that YES, I ate all 5 rolls. I am a pig! They were soooooooo gooooooood!!!!!! I will definitely make them again, but will add some teriyaki chicken in maybe, or bbq pork or tuna… the options are endless. But to keep them vegetarian, probably egg and/or tuna. But of course being a Flexitarian is a good thing – read about it lately? I do try to be a flexitarian at least 5x a week, more towards vegetarian rather than a vegan. Being vegan is abit too hardcore for me. I love my eggs and fish too much to give it up. I do love chicken and pork but with giving up pork is easier as it is harder and so expensive to get over here. I do miss it though, especially Chinese Pork and Liver Sausages. Those are my super favourites. When I go overseas, I’m totally an Omnivore, need my energy!
Breakfast this morning – warm oats with strawberries, honey and walnuts. Then a side of banana, kiwi and multitudes of coffee.