>Colourful Weekend Dishes

>HOT HOT HOT!! Oh my goodness, did I mention that it was HOT? The thermometer says its 36degC outside but I swear it’s hotter than that. It was a comfortable walk to The Greens Town Centre, but walking back with a whole load of groceries was hard work!

I do my normal walk to Choitrams and Organics to check out the specials, where I found some items from Organics, tomato sauce, a loaf of Mountain Power Bread (which is filled with good nuts and seeds) and an avo (for tonight’s sushi). I wanted to get Rice/Almond/Soy Milks but they weren’t on sale this month, I will get them another time. Then I headed to Choitrams and got some cucumber, eggplant, sunflower seeds, yoghurt and veges for tonight’s sushi as well.
It is definitely summer now, the sun’s out and shining as early as 5am and sets at about 7pm which is nice. I only dread the walks I have to do when I head to the metro or The Greens. It’s just not very nice. I try to head out before 9 or 10am but I never do, always end up walking out at noon which is high heat time! No wonder I’m turning so dark! It’s not very nice.
Anyway, back to this weekend’s meal. My husband fancied some Chilli, we ended up with Beef Chilli Con Carne Stew. It was lovely! We had it for 2 days. On the 2nd day we decided to make it a tad bit different by buttering slices of bread, folding it and putting it into the muffin tray, making little cupcake-like Chilli. Sorry for the multitude of pictures, was trying to capture the best image of the entirety of the Chilli Con Carne Cupcake.

We topped it with cheese and baked it for about 20min when the cheese turned slightly golden. My husband couldn’t wait any longer and just had it as is, we were hungry!
I made a side of blanched red cabbage and peas with a lovely creamy dressing. The dressing had:
tahini/sesame seed
lemon juice
salt and pepper
Just add and taste as you go. Easy as that.
This was dinner on Friday, where my husband stir fried the red cabbage and it was gorgeous! The colour was amazing! I’ve never seen it so bright and tasty before, I’ve always had red cabbage raw or over cooked where the colour’s dulled up. For some reason the lighting that day made it look so amazing and sharp. It was gorgeous.
The recipe for the Chilli Con Carne came from the Leon Cookbook but we had to subtract some ingredients as we didn’t have them but the dish turned out super lovely as always. My husband’s culinary skills are getting better and better and I’m so glad that he’s trying out new recipes and tastes. You know I’m the adventurous type! Kudos to him!!! Can’t wait for more surprises the next time he dishes something up!
Oh and speaking of which, I decided to look further into Chimes, a restaurant at Seven Sands Hotel at Al Barsha, behind Mall of Emirates. The menu looks really good and delicious, cooking foods from Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Looks real good and affordable too, can’t wait to try it out! Looking forward to the Singapore Chilli Crab and Peking Duck, actually I want to try everything!!! I also finally found 1004 Supermarket, a Korean supermarket that I heard of, hope I can buy Kimchi! 🙂