>Grilled Ribeye with Caramelised Mushroom Onions and Roasted Veges

>Wowee, what a lovely morning it is today. The sun’s out, the air’s calm, everything’s still and silent. I’m watching The Late Night Show with Letterman, just watched E! Tonight and The Insider, it’s always nice to catch up with some gossip and celebrity news. I’m really still pondering on our fascination with celebrity-dom.

Speaking of which, we watched Oprah last night and she was talking to Michael Pollan about this documentary Food Inc which we found intriguing. I read a book called The Ethics of Food a few years ago and forgotten about it but I would like to watch this documentary and read the book. Also Michael Pollan wrote a book called Food Rules which is another one I would like to browse through. Can you hear Kinokuniya calling? I can! Another book to look out for is LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 for my hubby. Would be a good read!
This documentary is in the same line, whereby it looks at the big corporation which is food. It looks at how we eat, where food comes from, how the animals are treated and how expensive good food is compared to fast food. With $1, you can buy a family meal from a fast food chain, however in a supermarket you can get a handful of carrots and a small broccoli. Apparently in the states, fast food is subsidised where fresh produce isn’t. It seems that the government making everybody fat through that. And it goes on and on, so so fascinating! Definitely a must see/must read.
This isn’t really a good follow-up food blog from what I just mentioned above about eating ethically and fresh produce, etc… we had grilled Brazilian Ribeye steaks using our new stovetop grill. The meat was so lovely but turned out tough after I grilled it, so maybe I wasn’t suppose to cook it well done?! But it filled the entire apartment with smoke, we had to open the glass door before the fire alarm goes off! I only cooked it for 5min each side and it turned out medium well done so it was ok. Gutted that it was tough though. Loved the grilled look.
The lovely ribeye steak was accompanied with a lovely mushroom and onion gravy which was caramelised. The dish involved minced garlic and sliced onions which was caramelised, then I add in some water to simmer, adding in salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. I keep it on a low heat adding more water, placing the mushrooms on top and covering it to simmer for a few minutes. Then when it’s ready to serve, I toss the mushrooms into the onions. If you toss it around before, the mushrooms will break. Keep the dish covered to generate water which you can pour back into the dish when serving.
The 3rd dish is roasted/baked broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with basil, oregano and rosemary, salt and pepper, with dashes of balsamic vinegar. Put them all together and you have a super dinner!
We have been having vegetarian/fish dinners lately which my husband noticed and commented on so I decided to give him his red meat to bring out the animal in him. Hope he enjoyed it, he seemed like he did anyway. I love the caramelised mushroom and onion dish, its much better for you than brown gravy I reckon. Those sauces are filled with salt and preservatives and ingredients you can’t pronounce, they are also super starchy which isn’t good for the gut I’m sure! This will be one side dish to use over and over again!
Have a great day all, I know I plan to.