>Braised Veal with Pumpkin Tamarind Curry and Blanched Veges

>So, we specifically bought the veal to grill on our new iron cast grill from Ikea, but never ended up doing it because we had a big lunch and snacked throughout the day. We had high hopes to have a lovely home grilled dinner but it didn’t eventuate so I decided to use it. I recently read Taste Dubai Handbook 2010, not realising that there were recipes in there by hotel/famous chefs, including Gary Rhodes (michelin star chef) who had contributed a recipe about braised beef and so, I decided to try braised beef.

The whole process involved a piece or pieces of meat simmering in chicken stock for up to 4hours. I had mine simmering for 3hours and it did come out melt-in-your mouth meat which is tender and soft. But due to the cut of the meat, it was stringy. I wasn’t disheartened as the meat was soft and tasty.
To accompany the veal, I made Tamarind Pumpkin Curry, all the basic curry ingredients to include extra tamarind to make it a bit sour. I added in 4 medium onions, 12 curry leaves and a bulb of garlic. They all went into the blender and created a lovely thick mixture with the curry sauce. The pumpkin was boiled before hand so when the curry sauce was done, I just tossed the pumpkin in and made sure it was all nicely and evenly coated.
It was lovely, when I took out the veal from the chicken stock, there wasn’t any oil or excess fat on the water! I think we’ve found our almost fat free red meat to eat. I know, I know, I’m eating a baby cow but you have to admit that it’s a good piece of red meat! The 3hours braising didn’t deter me from wanting to make it again. I will attempt to make Gary Rhodes’ braised beef stew recipe one day.
So this is how we enjoyed it, my husband has soft fluffy brown rice from the Himalayas and I had my veal and pumpkin curry with a side of blanched broccoli and carrots. YUM!