>Yum Char at China Club and Weekend Ice Creams

>I was craving for dim sum this weekend, so I decided that we should go visit China Club again at Radisson BLU Deira Creek as it is value for money, the dim sums are not too bad, the variety is ok but my husband loves the ice teas that come with the Friday Brunch – iced lemon tea, peach and lychee. I tried the lychee iced tea which wasn’t very sweet and my husband stuck to iced lemon tea which was tart and lovely! We both shared some hot chinese tea as well for digestion.

We had first sitting, 12noon – 4pm so you can basically eat for 4hours straight as your heart desires. We arrived early so we had some drinks and we could order soups, fried dim sums and rice and noodles. The steamed dim sum trolley will only come out at 12noon sharp.
This is our second visit to China Club and I’m glad to say that we had a lovely booth to ourself where we could take sneaky pictures without being too obvious but the shutter sound would have given us away! Nobody said anything though so I quickly snapped some pictures.
We had soy sauce and what tastes like chilli bean sauce instead of pure chilli sauce, which I doused down with 3 servings! I finished the entire side pot as well as my own, trying really hard not to scoop out from my husband’s sauce plate! 🙂 He enjoyed his chilli sauce too which was nice to see.
This is the brunch menu, limited but good enough for the price we pay for it. I am particularly in love with their siew mai, however they do not make pork dim sum, it’s all substituted with chicken. They all still taste nice though. We ordered about 90% of dishes from the menu, it was all too good to not try! Click on the images and take a look at the list. There are alot that I miss from normal yum char, especially when I’ve had better and more variety dim sums in NZ.
We started with the fried dim sums, my favourite is the fried pumpkin which are the 2 golden round balls at the far right hand corner of the right handsided plate. The calamari replaced the fried prawns which was my husband’s favourite. He said he could happily eat a big plate of prawn tempura (which we had from Minato – which was upstairs). Think that might be our next visit after Up on the Tenth and Palm Grill… and also an English Pub all on the same floor I think.
These are beautiful heart parcels, all of them are listed on the menu in the picture above. We had 3 servings of all of them, I couldn’t stop eating them!! We were there for 2.5hrs before we gave up. We had noodles and rice at the side, hot and iced tea, loads of chilli sauce and great conversation!
We ordered dessert, my choice was the mashed red bean with lotus seed and dates and my husband had the China Club special mango pudding and sago with coconut milk. We ended the day with a belly too big for our own good. It was both satisfying and bloody uncomfortable! HAHA!!
After yumchar, we visited Lamcy Plaza in search of Daiso and Dean’s Fujiya supermarket which we found. Daiso is like a massive $3 shop filled with a whole load of nic-nacs from Japan, all the “Kawaii” stuffs from kitchenware, garden, homeware, toys, bathroom and bedroom stuffs, bit of Japanese snacks, clothes and all sorts. It was such a lovely shop where I can browse for hours!
We then headed outside to Dean’s Fujiya, a supermarket, where we found some Japanese ingredients. I got pickled chilli raddish, sweet pickled ginger and salted pickled vegetables, buckwheat and greentea soba noodles and some light Kikkoman sauce. There were lots of Japanese goodies which were semi-ok in price but some were slightly more expensive. We didn’t spend much but we would go back again for a more extensive shop next time around. There were Japanese pots and pans, sushi bowls and bamboo steamers, chopsticks and kitchenware. It was nice but I hoped for a bigger variety. A visit to Dragonmart next time is in order. I’m craving Chinese food especially dried tofu sheets (taukee) and all sorts to make tong sui (sweet soup) too but I have to be careful as I might be the only one to finish it!
A last post to add – we made these on Thursday night after my yucky dinner to take the taste away from my mouth! And it really helped!!!
From left to right, clockwise:
Cherry Raisin Ice Cream
Strawberry and Kiwi Sorbet
Cookies and Cream
Pecan and Maple Syrup Ice Cream
These were all made with fresh ingredients with frozen banana base, all in the blender. They were utterly heavenly! I ate till my stomach exploded! Ah, the satisfaction of healthy ice cream – don’t talk to me about portion size – I don’t know what you mean! 😉