>Vege Soup, Leftover Pasta Bake and The Best Tuna Egg Stirfry

>Wowee, what a hot day it is today. I went out for a walk to Choitrams and Organics, looking for some bargain finds only to find my body greeted by the stinging heat that is the coming of summer, knocking at our doors. I have to say, summer is here!! I swear, it felt like 40deg but the thermometer says its only 33deg at the moment. June – August is the hottest months of the year, reaching up to 50+ deg during the day that you’re basically stuck at home. I was a hermit for more than 3months when I first arrived here but having been here for a while now, I’m kinda getting used to it, only up to 35deg that is. Anything more than that is just lunacy!! I find myself scrambling to find shades all over the road.

Can I also just mention my utter disappointed when I packed all my gear ready for a lovely few hours at Carribou Coffee when I stepped in and found it full of people! Every seat was taken, coffees, cakes and sammies all around but none for me, unfortunately. I packed my magazines, my music and notebook but I didn’t get to use them. They’re all packed for tomorrow, think a Mall of Emirates visit would be nice as this is the only mall that has the Metro walkway connected to it. No need to step out into the heat except for when I have to walk to the Metro from our apartment… 😦

The weekend ramblings are to come in the next post, this is my weekend cookings. I just put in the veal meat to braise in some chicken stock, Gary Rhodes writes that for mouth-melting meat, you have to braise you meat for 4 hours. I have 2 hours! Hah! I’m making veal curry tonight, hoping for mouth-melting meat from the lovely piece of veal that we bought at Lulu’s last week, along with some creamy pumpkin, peas and onions and a side of braised broccoli and fluffy brown rice… YUM.
This lovely little number is actually a concoction of remaining vegetables in the fridge. It was an utter disaster! Carrots, parsley, spring onions, chilli and frozen mixed vegetables all blended and mixed together ISN’T A GOOD IDEA! It tastes gross! I wanted to make a vegetable soup but I failed miserably! It was so hard to eat that I had to pinch some of my husband’s pasta bake… *whoopsie*
My husband’s lovely pasta bake. This is the leftovers from Wednesday’s Coq Au Vin, chicken, pork sausages and quail eggs which I mixed with whole wheat penne pasta over the stove, then into the oven for 15min under a very low heat. Turned out great.
On Saturday morning, we had a lovely long morning where we enjoyed coffee and breakfast with E!Tonight, catching up on the goss in the celeb world. I always question myself and my husband into the ‘normal’ people’s obsession with the celebrities, what they doing, what they’re wearing, eating, etc. He said that in some ways, we want to live like them, where the economy crisis would not affect them, where we have mansions, expensive sports cars, lavish lifestyles, fame and fortune. In some ways, I agree that celebrities put their lives in the public light, opening their lives to us, good and bad, mostly bad which is entertaining for us ‘normal’ people. We don’t get to live like them, so we live vicariously through them.
While enjoying the catch up session, I concocted up a tuna onion and egg stirfry, very simple, easy and oh soooooo goooooood…
Just combine onions and tuna, stirfry with salt and pepper and toss in some spring onions and coriander. Add some chilli if you want for some kick. I would if I had any left (hence the visit to Choitrams today). I’m keen on making my own chilli jam/sambal, both fresh and dried chilli. I know, I know, I’m asking for it… sounds like several tummyaches coming my way! Will defo blog about it when I make it. I got some red and green chillies, red chillies for chilli jam and green chilli for pickled chilli. YUMO!
So I had the tuna onion stirfry with a side of egg omelet…
And my husband has his french toast style. The slices of bread were soaked in the egg mixture (salt, pepper and dash of milk) before being pan fried. Then place the tuna stirfry in between the slices and ENJOY!
How gorgeous is that? Simple and easy, one of my mom’s simple easy dish that I’ll take with me forever. You can do anything with onions and eggs… in saying that, my dad’s favourite dish is onion egg! Delicious!!!!!!! Coming up in my next blog, our delicious weekend out… follow me….